Up, Up, and Away

Today I took the kids to the grocery store and in addition to some much needed food, the older two each got a balloon with a lollipop tied to the bottom. The store has them for free at the check out. A nice bonus for everyone! After I unloaded the van, they were out on the back deck eating their lollipops while I putting away the groceries. I heard some commotion, so I went outside and saw my daughter staring up at the sky like this.

Meanwhile, my son was in hysterics crying, "My sister's balloon is gone!" I totally didn't even think about warning them that when they finished the lollipops to hold on tightly to their balloons.

I looked up and sure enough the balloon was gone. So being the compassionate and caring mother that I am, I grabbed my camera to snap a picture of the quickly disappearing balloon and the looks on my children's faces.

I thought it was rather funny that my daughter was more surprised than distraught. She was over it in no time flat. My son wailed on for several more minutes. He cried, "It's just like at the County Fair when I lost my balloon." "Please, please go back to the store for another one." I told him it was ok, look, it was your sister's balloon and she doesn't even care. He was worried about birds popping it with their beaks. He really wanted it to come back. Eventually, he got over it and we ate lunch. Next time, I will probably have them eat their lollipop balloons inside rather than outside.


  1. I think the reason your daughter had such a peace in heart about the balloon is due to the fact that she's holding a Bible. :)

  2. What a difference in personalities!!! Did you get the groceries put away??

  3. I like the flock of red geese headed toward the balloon.

  4. Oh what a terrific photo posting. I love the story but moreso the compassion brother felt for his sister. What a great blessing you are raising there.


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