Everyone has to get in on the Action

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With spring like weather finally here, we've been spending some more time outside. I took these series of pictures of the kids out on our deck. Note the sequence of events.

Baby is playing cutely in boat so Mommy decides to take a picture.

Big Sister notices and has to get in on the action and spotlight.

"Hey, don't leave me out!"

Poor baby is off to find something else to play with.

Note the steering wheel my son is using... this is why I can never find what I need in my kitchen!

My kids have been fascinated with my pots and pans using them for a variety of purposes... to pretend cook, to drive boats, as masks, as hats, as steering wheels for cars... I have found them in the couch cushions, in my sons bed, in the toy room, on the deck...
Oddly, I never seem to find them in my kitchen cabinet.

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  1. That is the price you pay for such great imaginations. DO you suppose the kiddos have seen your blog and none want to be left out?!?!? Looks like great fun by all :-)


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