How do you eat your Oreos?

I am a big fan of Oreo cookies. They are the only store bought cookie I buy and when I see them on sale I have a really hard time not putting at least one bag in my grocery cart! I have noticed that there are many ways to eat an Oreo. I never taught my kids how to eat them, yet each has his and her own preference. My daughter likes to open them up, lick out the cream, and then discard the rest of the cookie. She is the only one in our family who eats them this way. She isn't mimicking anyone when she does this. My son likes to dip his. He doesn't care what he dips it in. Usually it is milk, but last night his cup had juice in it when he was eating his dessert and he happily dipped the Oreo in the juice. My husband dips his in milk, he doesn't dunk it, just dips it in to get it a bit wet. I like to dunk mine. I put the cookie in the milk, hold it down with my spoon until the bubbles start going to the top, then pick it up with the spoon and eat it.. mmm, delicious. So, tell me, how do you eat your Oreo's?


  1. You already correctly described me as a "dipper" but I figured I could still comment about your "eating" style. At some point you have to stop describing it as "eating" and switch over to "slurping"? I would say by the time your cookie gets so soggy it cannot support itself and a spoon has to be used you have reached that point and thus you don't actually "eat" Oreos at all :-)

  2. you guys are too funny. i'm not really a big fan of oreos so i have no business commenting on this particular post. but i do have an aversion to soggy bread - or anything really that's not meant to be soggy, like oreos. i felt a gag-like reflex when reading Scott's comment. so, moral of the story, "that's gross, Crystal!"

  3. Ok, as the official Nana I must also chime in and share with everyone the correct way to eat an Oreo.
    1- You twist the two halves and eat the one with no creamy filling.
    2- Then repeat with at least one more Oreo (perhaps two more)
    3- Then stack the creamy centers onto one half and eat the creamless remains.
    4- Now, and only now, can you truly enjoy the fruits/Creams of your labors
    "bon appetite"
    Love Nana

  4. Maybe Nana and your daughter could get together and finish off the whole!!! She can eat the cookie after your daughter gets rid of the cream!! I myself am a dipper like your hubby - just wet not soggy :-)

  5. We are THAT FamilyTuesday, April 08, 2008

    Is there any OTHER way to eat them?

  6. You're all wrong.

    Oreos must be quickly plopped into a burning saucepan of flaming brandy.

    The sugary cream-filling will foam to form a crunchy meringue.

    The chocolate-wafer will instantly form a patina-like glaze that will NOT be gross :)


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