Our oldest son has been a Cub Scout since first grade.  I remember attending his first Blue and Gold banquet that year and watching the Webelos 2 crossing over and thinking, “Wow, those boys look so big.”

Then I blinked…


And before I knew it my boy was one of the big boys crossing over.


Not sure how that happened so fast. 





He was blessed with two amazing den leaders.  They stepped up his first year and stayed with the boys all the way through.  They did so many wonderful activities with the boys and truly sacrificed so much time to provide an AMAZING Cub Scout experience for these guys.  What a gift they have been!


They also helped the boys achieve their Arrow of Light achievement.


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We are so proud of our son and look forward to watching him grow as a Boy Scout. 


We’ve been wishing for a snow that would cover the grass blades and last night we got just that… a little over 4 inches of powdery snow fell last night and Daddy took an extended lunch break to go sledding with us and enjoy it while we could.


IMG_8487  IMG_8490

These two were my dare devils, trying to come up with whatever creative way they could to get the two of them down the hill the fastest.

IMG_8519  IMG_8531IMG_8543

Her favorite part was eating the snow…. she sat out a few rounds so she could happily stuff her face with the cold wet snow.


Then the dynamic duo decided to add a third to their antics.IMG_8580IMG_8573  IMG_8574

I went down a token one time…. preferring instead to watch from the bottom.


We were there for about an hour.  I am so thankful that Scott lives close enough to work that he can come home for an extended lunch in the middle of the day and go sledding with us. (when his work schedule permits)… and so glad today his agenda permitted. 


Because everything, EVERY THING is better when Daddy is there.