Last Friday while the girls spent the day caring for and practicing to hold “baby Ewi” my son spent the day dressed in Camoes and gathering his weapons arsenal to play army with uncle Jim. 

IMG_3013 I wasn’t exactly sure how much uncle Jim would feel like playing army, since he lives army every day of his life and this was his leave time to see family before deploying to Iraq.  But uncle  Jim, was a huge sport about it and never complained about playing Friday night at the birthday celebration, or during the neighborhood harvest celebration on Saturday or during the Steelers game on Sunday.  In fact uncle Jim played army, Star Wars, and Transformers every time we saw them, with never a complaint.  And my son loved every moment...  eagerly sitting by him at every meal and during church on Sunday morning.  It was rather cute to watch.

Friday the kids made cards for Great Grandpa’s birthday and cards to welcome baby Eli to MD.  My son also made a card for Uncle Jim.  He wanted him to read it that first night and then to look at the picture again before he goes off to war next month.    I had to take a picture b/c when he asked me to spell it out for him, I thought his message was too sweet not to preserve.


“Let’s have fun today and not be sad about going to war.  I love (heart colored in camouflage) you.”


On the other side, he drew this picture of the two of them playing army.


It’s pretty obvious that my son looks up to and admires his uncle Jim.   And it’s easy to see why. 


That’s right folks, we have a new circus member due to arrive here in early June 2010!!   And the circus cast couldn’t be more excited!!!

Those of you that have been visiting the circus for awhile know that I don’t use my kids names on the blogs.  I once entertained the idea of pseudonyms but never came up with any I liked.  So I’ve pretty much stuck with “ my son,”  “my 3 year old daughter” and “my baby” for the past year or so.   So far, I have no real intentions to change that, but I did realize last week, that had this been “Life with The Peanuts Gang” or something more catchy, I’d have perfect pseudonyms to use. 

My baby seems to always, always have something on her face and or clothes.  Typically it is remnants of our last meal, but it also quite often dirt or snot or a combo of the above.  As she was coming inside from playing in the sandbox I remarked to her and the kids how much she reminded me of Pig Pen. 

See the resemblance?


This of course got me thinking about my other two.

In my opinion, my son would have to go down as Linus.  Just substitute the beloved blanket for his baby.  I can totally see him getting up on stage and reciting Luke 2 when asked what Christmas is all about, can’t you?







Now, my middle child was a bit harder.  My initial inclination was to go with Marcie b/c they both have glasses.  I then was considering Sally b/c she seems to be the quintessential little sister.  (“oh big brother!” )But after spending some time reading the bios of the peanuts gang on wikipedia (a blogger has to do her research, right?) I have decided that Peppermint Patty best suits my middle child.  (though I think my daughter is way cuter). Besides the fact that Peppermint Patty is described as a tomboy, they also described her as having a “stubborn personality with a dare-devil twist”  While her stubborn streak seems to have, thankfully, ended with age, there is no question that she is our fearless one!  So, I guess Peppermint Patty it is then.








I love the peanuts gang.  Their holiday specials are hands down my favorites and a must watch every season.  Perhaps its the way he captured the personalities of children or maybe its just the way they dance with their noses pointed up the sky, I’m not sure.  But I love em’, and I love my life with my own peanuts gang as well.

IMG_2924This weekend the kids got to meet their newest cousin, “baby Ewi.”  They were all quite excited to finally make his acquaintance.  The girls have been carrying their dolls around for weeks now feeding, rocking, and putting to sleep their very own “baby Ewi’s.”  

But my middle child was probably the most smitten, to say the least.  She could quite often be found by his side, smiling at him, tickling him and laughing at every noise he made.  IMG_3004

The best was when Aunt Karen was changing his diaper and the girls were eagerly peering over her shoulder to watch and help hold wipes.  When she opened the diaper my three year old peered inside and exclaimed for all to hear, “He’s a BOY!”


Here’s my favorite pic of the kids and their kids together at last.  I think the facial expressions are priceless.IMG_2933


I am convinced that if you were to look the word up in the dictionary, you’d have to find a picture of this man. 

Grandpa I first met him at our high school graduation.  I remember being taken with the fact that he had one of those sweaters with the reinforced elbows and  remarked to Scott how much I loved his genuine “Grandpa sweater” and was convinced he’d be the perfect Worthers Original grandpa.

Somewhere over the past 12 years he went from being Scott’s grandpa, to  my grandpa too.  I can’t pinpoint the moment it occurred, but I can tell you that I truly love him like my own.  

Grandpa is the kind of man that walks you to your car after a visit, and insists on carrying your things for you.  When you instinctually start to object and insist, “I’m fine” your words stop in your throat b/c you know its no use and you simply say “thank you.”  He’s funny and witty and I am pretty sure we have him to thank for the sarcastic streak that runs through Scott’s side of the family.  

fun with Great GrandpaI love, absolutely, LOVE watching grandpa interact with our children.  It truly warms my heart.  Each of our children love him and he them, but there is something special between my middle child and him.  I couldn’t begin to put it into words, but you can see it in the sparkle she gets in her eye when he is near.  IMG_9910

We’re blessed to live close to grandpa and because of this I can say, “he’s  always there.”  Every holiday, birthday party, every gathering big or small, you can count on him being there.  I quite honestly can’t imagine it any other way (nor would I want to).  He’s also there when you’re in a pinch and need some help…like when we couldn’t find a dog sitter for Maggie over Labor Day weekend, or Scott needed a ride to the mechanic to pick him the van, or we couldn’t get a hold of anyone to watch the kids when I went into labor with our third and Grandpa and Grandma dropped everything and came to sit with the kids while we went to the hospital.  Like I said, “he’s always there” and because of this fact I am embarrassed to admit we take his presence for granted.  We don’t spend nearly the amount of time with him that we’d like .  When we do see him we always realize that too  much time has slipped since last time and “gosh I wish we did this more often.”   That is definitely something Scott and I would like to change.   We truly are blessed to have him close by and we’d like to take advantage of that gift. 

Happy Birthday Grandpa!  We all love you!

I know this post doesn’t really fit with the theme of my other  weekend thoughts, but, it’s the weekend and tonight the extended fam will be getting together to celebrate this wonderful man’s birthday, therefore that’s what I am thinking about tonight.   

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At dinner last night I was telling Scott how cute it is to watch our 3 yr old in gymnastics.  Every now and then she’ll look at the observation window, get a big grin and wave to me.  Sometimes she’ll even give me a thumbs up sign. At which point she chimed in and said,

“Yea, this means good.”


“And this means Ravens”


What can I say?  That’s my girl!

I’ve bthe kiddos on Christmas Eveeen putting it off for far too long (as you can soon tell by my before picture).  But today I decided that my poor girl was past due for a hair cut.  We’ve cut her bangs, but nothing major since what I refer to as the “debacle of 07” when I took my sweet 22 mth old for a hair cut and returned with a sweet little girl sporting the bowl cut. Honey, I am so sorry.  I didn’t know what I was doing. 

Since then, I’ve stuck with my best friend for bang trims and avoiding cutting anything else. 

But, if I am totally honest with myself, she’s been looking a little ratty lately.  And that didn’t seem fair to the cute girl hiding under all that hair. 

So we braved the local hair cutting salon and I am happy with the results. 

Take a look.





After:  (being true to the girl that she is, she had to change her clothes upon arriving home, b/c what day would be complete without changing our clothes at least 2 or 3 times?)


Man, who knew that hiding behind all that hair, was a little girl, all grown up?  She looks entirely too old for my liking…but I concede it was long overdue!

In the past month, these pictures were taken during meal time at our home.  I can assure you that these antics don’t take place regularly around here, but at the same time, they do happen.  After all, it is the circus.

Exhibit A: playing with our food


“Look Mom, I can make vowels with my spaghetti!”


Exhibit B:


Yes, that would be my son eating his applesauce while sitting on his Daddy’s shoulders (and yes, to make it truly circus like, he’s in his underwear). 

When my son came up with this “bright” and fun idea my husband thought a moment and responded, “Sure, why not, BUT only this once). 

You see why I call it Life At The Circus?

This week we took the kids to see a performance at the Sight and Sound theatre in Lancaster, Pa.  If you ever get the opportunity to go (they also have a location in Branson, Mo) I highly recommend you go.  (thankfully we were able to use a home school discount and take our family for less than the cost of one regularly priced ticket).   We saw their production of In the Beginning, which was a rendition of the Creation story.

It made me think of the story of Creation in a whole new light.  As they portrayed God walking with Adam and Eve in the garden, they did an excellent job of portraying the love between our Father and His children.   I felt like it gave a beautiful picture of what heaven will be like, as we will truly dwell with the Father in a way we can’t even imagine b/c our sin keeps us from that while on earth.  It made me so excited about heaven.  Also as I pondered the garden God created, and all its beauty, I realized how magnificent the new heaven and new earth will be.  Right now I love to spend time in God’s creation.  I enjoy gazing at beautiful sunsets, star studded skies, mountain views, ocean views…but the most beautiful thing on earth, is still existing in a fallen world.  Can you imagine God’s handiwork in the new heaven and new earth free from sin?  That will be truly breathtaking.  

Another thing that struck me was the consequence of sin. When Adam and Even disobeyed and were removed from the garden , they no longer dwelled with God.  The Bible talks about them walking together with God in the garden (before the fall).  They experienced an intimacy with God unlike we can imagine b/c right now our sin prevents this.  When they left the garden, they could no longer see or feel His presence with that same intimacy.  The actors did a great job of portraying the pain this caused both God and them.  Yet,  the story didn’t end here.  You see how God still cared for and provided for Adam and Eve, even though they no longer dwelled with him.   More than that, God later provided His son to take the consequences of the sin which prevents us from dwelling with God.  Because Christ took took that consequence on our behalf, we will one day dwell with the Father, much like Adam and Even did in the garden. 

I left so excited and humbled.   So often our focus is here on the temporal.  And because this world is all we know, we tend to think it’s pretty great.  Even in its sinful state.   We don’t know what heaven will be like.  We know God says it will be wonderful.  But it is hard to wrap our human minds around something we haven’t seen or experienced.  So often, I think we doubt it.  If we’re honest,  I think many Christians wonder “how great will heaven really be?”  “Are we just gonna sit on clouds and sing praise songs for the rest of our life?”  Typically, we’ll say, “I know I won’t be disappointed, but I have a hard time getting excited about heaven.”   But my friends, I truly believe heaven is going to knock our socks off.  For so many reasons.  We have no idea what it is like to truly dwell with our Creator.  We can’t even fathom that intimacy.   I can only imagine that, that alone will leave us in awe.  But, yet there’s more.  God created us for His glory.  That is our purpose.  And while it is true that we glorify God when we sing His praises.  That is not the only way we bring Him glory.  We glorify Him when we use the gifts He’s given us, for His glory.  I imagine in heaven, we’ll be glorifying Him by working and serving  together (perfectly)  in His new heaven and new earth.  And that is going to be incredible.  Not to mention the beauty we will experience in the no longer fallen earth.  It’s mind boggling to be sure, but magnificent as well.  And I am confident that we will NOT be disappointed!

I am thankful or family had the opportunity to see this production.  I am also thankful for the thoughts it provoked and the discussions Scott and I had on our way home.   I think its valuable to spend time pondering these things.  Too often, we don’t. 

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The concept of time is a funny thing.  Who can really grasp it?  On one  hand it seems like ages ago that I brought my little one home from the hospital, and at the same time it feels just like yesterday.  How does one go about teaching the concept of time to little ones?  To them a day truly is like a thousand years! 

I read somewhere that its helpful to give children a specific time (as in you have 10 minutes to play and then we are cleaning up) then set the timer and when the timer goes off, clean up.  They will then start to grasp a better understanding of time.  It doesn’t work if you don’t set the timer and then fail to follow through on the end time.  I’ve use this lots both in my classroom and with my children.  Egg timers are a mommy and teacher’s best friend!

But, I’ve also found something else that works particularly well for my kiddos.  I explain units of time in concepts they can truly comprehend.  T.V. Shows

Each day my son has quiet time for 1.5 hrs while his sisters nap.  “How long is an hour and a half?” he asks.  “One episode of Sesame Street and one episode of Spiderman.”  I reply.

"Kids,” I say one morning,"School starts in 15 minutes.”  “How long is that they reply,”  “You know how each episode of Word World has two stories?  It’s one story,”  I answer. 

So I am pretty much limited to time limits of 15 minutes (one portion of Word World, George the Monkey, or Clifford)  or 30 minutes (Spiderman, Dora, or Sid the Science Kid) or one hour (Sesame Street), or any combination of the above. 

Last night the kids asked how long till we get there and my husband called to the back of the minivan “45 minutes… like one Curious George less than  Sesame Street). 

I love this picture.  I love it because it shows the kids and my husband engaged in play after a long day of work.  


I also love how the big kids seem to be attacking him b/c he’s got the youngest on his shoulders.  Almost as if they are trying to get in on the action and attention. 

But take a closer look, because if you check out Scott’s face, you’ll find another gem.


Ah, love hurts, doesn’t it? 

But just for kicks, check out this shot. 


I love the look on both of their faces.  Priceless, huh?



Not everyday you see an Oriole wrapped in a Steelers Terrible Towel. 

Click here or here for more picture fun.

our O fan Our son is a huge baseball fan.  His team of choice is the Baltimore Orioles.  As much as he likes the Orioles, he also recognizes that they don’t exactly have a winning record…


Last week we were getting ready for soccer practice when he informed me that he didn’t feel like going to practice.

Me:  “Well you need to practice, it helps you to get better.”

Son: “ But Mom, I’m already really good.  I don’t need practice.”

Me:  “Even the Orioles practice and their professionals.”

Son:  “But Mom, the Orioles aren’t good.  They need to practice.”


And in keeping with his very realistic outlook on his beloved Orioles, I thought I’d record this anecdote which I did post on face book a few months ago, but wanted to have recorded.

Son: “Mom, why are the Red Sox so much better than the Orioles, do they practice more?”

Me:  “No, I am sure the  Orioles practice hard.  Well, ummmm I guess they have better players.”

Son: “Why?”

Me:  “Well, I guess b/c their coaches pick better players.”

long pause

Son:  “Mom, I think your wrong.  That just doesn’t make any sense.  Why wouldn’t the coaches pick good players.  I think it’s because they don’t practice enough.”


Visit Tiny Talk Tuesday for more of those precious truths out of the mouths of babes.




Naptime is sacred at my house.  At night all three kids share a room b/c it really doesn’t bother me if they stay up late talking and singing.  But at nap time every one goes to a different room.  My son no longer naps, but he still goes to his “nap room” for quiet time where he may look at books or draw or play quietly for an hour and a half.

For the last few weeks my oldest daughter has wanted to work on “school work” during nap time like her brother.  (which means she wants crayons and papers in her room too).  I didn’t object, as long as she promised to go to sleep after doing “school” for a little while.

Not long after, I heard a door open, then another, some whispers and two closed doors.   I ignored it at first.  But after about 10 minutes of doors opening and closing, I feared they’d wake their youngest sister so I went back to see what was up.

My daughter informed me they were sending “e-mails” to each other.

And it was one of those things that was just so cute, that despite the fact that I knew I should make them stop and go to sleep, sucker that I am, I let them keep “e-mailing” as long as they stayed quiet. 

Their e-mails consisted of pictures and messages which they would write and then deliver to each other.

This one happens to me my favorite.  My son drew it for his sister.  He also wrote their names at the top in “kid font.”  I totally confiscated it for my file of precious mementos.   IMG_2715

Well, I am about one month into my homeschooling experience and thought I’d reflect on it.

I love it!

You know I waffled and prayed and struggled with the decision.  It wasn’t like I knew from the minute I brought him home from the hospital that I’d be a home schooling mom.  As I prepped our “classroom” I was still clinging to the fact that at any moment I could change my mind and enroll him at the local public school.  And when anyone asked what we were doing for school this year I would always answer, “we’re home schooling for kindergarten.”  Taking it one year at a time.

But, here I am already eagerly looking forward to future years of schooling my children.  But, I’m still going to take things one day at a time. 

My favorites parts?

* saying the pledge with the kids each morning.  I love, love watching them put their hands over their hearts, hold the flag, and saying the pledge.  Actually I love our whole “opening time” together… the pledge, singing The Grand Ol Flag, our memory verse and catechism questions… I love that we’re all doing it together

* the look on my son’s face when things click… just today I sat down and wrote some three letter words for him to read.  I’ve been suspicious for a few weeks now that he was ready to read, but for some reason I didn’t move to the next level.  Today he read his first word “cat” and his first sentence “The cat sat on a mat.”   He then called his dad and left a message on his voicemail saying, “Dad, I can read!”  Def a highlight mom moment for me.

* I love being on a schedule.  (not a fan of waking up at 6), but love starting our day at a set time.  Starting early capitalizes on my children’s morning people personalities and leaves us with plenty of time for playing, cleaning, and other things I need to fit into our day.  I’ve known for awhile that waking up early would change the atmosphere in my home, but couldn’t make myself do it without the accountability of school.

*I love that I am making time to read, and teach, paint, and run outside with the kids.  Sure we did those things in the past, but now that I am more intentional, we do it on a much more regular basis.  I feel like I am a better mom to all the kids because I am homeschooling my son.  And my girls are learning more this year than my son learned last year in preschool. 

*I love the tutorial he’s attending.  I feel like it really gives our family the “best of both worlds.”   We’re still adjusting and adapting to the new social situation, but already all 4 of us have formed new friendships. 

Low points?

* Handwriting.  That definitely seems to be our struggle.   It’s obviously something I should have been working on earlier.  He’s getting it, but it’s not easy.  We’re both working hard on diligence and patience and perseverance.

*One thing I’ve noticed in my month of home schooling, is that there are a gazillion options out there for home schoolers.  Museums, karate, plays,  ice skating, swimming… every company and their brother wants to offer you a discount to take advantage of those families that are home during the school day.  And for home schooling parents who are worried about things like “socialization” and fitting in those PE and  art hours, it’s tempting.  If your not careful, you can easily book up each and every day with activities and find you spend very little time at home.   I’ve found I gotta be disciplined and intentional with the opportunities I take advantage of and those which I let pass.

But, over all, I am so glad we chose to home school this year.  I am pleased with the tutorial we’re using and loving the quality time its affording me with each of my kids.  I am thankful for the experiences I had in a traditional classroom as a third grade teacher, because I feel it more than adequately prepared me for my role as a home schooler.  And I gotta say, teaching my children is by far the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.

Here’s my daughter sleeping in her crib at 8 months old.

sleeping sitting up And here she is at 14 mths old.  Still enjoys sleeping “folded in half”, as we refer to it.

 favorite sleeping position

Earlier this week when my husband went in to kiss the kids goodnight, he found her at 3 and 1/2 sleeping in the very same position she favored as an infant.  IMG_2757 I would think with age this position would grow more impossible and uncomfortable.

Visit here or here for more pictures!

I seriously stink at parking.  (Not parallel parking.  I’ve got a secret for that.  I never do it.  Ever.  Yes, I will walk twice as far when parking downtown to avoid parallel parking on the street).  

But, my struggle is with the ol’ pull in parking lots.  More specifically, backing out of said spots.  I’ve been known to wait around in my car for the car beside me or in front of me to leave so I can get out of my spot b/c I parked too close to the line and can’t get out without damaging one of our cars.  And I’ve gone back into the house of a friend to get someone to come help me back out when I leave a party or gathering before most of the people and I don’t know how I’ll squeeze out the driveway.

And no these events didn’t take place back when I first got my license… they’ve taken place during my married life… even my married with kids life.

But tonight was a new low.

I walked home from soccer practice.  (with the keys to my husbands car in my hand). 

It was supposed to be so easy.  Scott met the kids and I at practice.  When practice was over, I suggested he take the kids home in the van so I could stop by to grab something for dinner on the way back to the house.

But when I went to his parking spot I found a bit of a tight squeeze.  Big old truck parked right by the line of my parking spot on my left.  Wooden posts on my right.  And a minivan behind me.

I slowly inched back…turned the wheel.

Nope to close to that truck, I’m going to hit it.

Pull back in… this time trying to stay close to the right side.  Try again.  Looks like I’ll make it.  But nope, too close to the van.  Can’t do it. 

Pull in again.  Try calling Scott.

No answer.

Try again.

No answer.

Back out again…. going good… slowly, slowly, turn the wheel….no I can’t.

And so, I walk home.  (Luckily it isn’t a far walk at all, it’s just too far for 3  slightly distractible and all too often painfully slow kids to walk there quickly and have any hope of making it to practice on time). 

I get home and tell Scott that his car is still at the elementary school and ummm we gotta go back and get it.

So, at 7:15, we put the kids back in the car (even though we haven’t eaten dinner yet) and drive back to the school (why Mommy?)  to get the van.

Scott doesn’t say a word.  Not one word.  Till we get to the car (in the now vacant lot), when as I hop out he says,

‘This time I’ll wait for you.”

I am afraid I don’t have much for you this weekend in terms of deep thoughts.  But I did stumble across this passage of Scripture.  Doesn’t it make a wonderful prayer for us to offer up to our Lord?  I am particularly challenged by verse 36.  Oh, that I would turn my heart towards God’s statues rather than my own selfish gains.  Teach me Oh God. 

Psalm 119:33-36

33 Teach me, O LORD, to follow your decrees;
       then I will keep them to the end.

34 Give me understanding, and I will keep your law
       and obey it with all my heart.

35 Direct me in the path of your commands,
       for there I find delight.

36 Turn my heart toward your statutes
       and not toward selfish gain.

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Its funny to me how many “old sayings” run through my head on any given day.

For example, “Don’t cry over spilled milk.”  I must repeat that to myself at least twice a week... “Don’t cry over spilled milk… DON’T CRY over spilled milk… (and in my head I also add quite often, don’t make anyone else cry over spilled milk.”

So, I had to laugh when my son and I were doing science this afternoon and we were talking about the various states of water.  He already has a pretty good grasp of solid, liquid, and gas (especially pertaining to water) but anything with the word experiment after it gets him down right giddy.  So we were making steam as part of our science lesson today.


And I couldn’t help but laugh (and snap a picture) when I answered the phone and turned around to see this.  I figured we’d go work on something else at the table while we waited for the water to boil.   He seemed quite content to sit and wait for it to turn to steam.

I then told him that “a watched pot never boils.”  To which he responded, “What’s a watched pot?”

We read for a few more minutes and then…


IMG_2727And with a pot of boiling water, what’s one to do but make hot cocoa? He asked if this was in the book too… it wasn’t.  But, what’s the fun of home schooling if you can’t add a little chocolate and marshmallows now and then, right?  So, we sipped some hot chocolate while doing our math and I thought to myself, how lucky can I be?