Only at the Circus


In the past month, these pictures were taken during meal time at our home.  I can assure you that these antics don’t take place regularly around here, but at the same time, they do happen.  After all, it is the circus.

Exhibit A: playing with our food


“Look Mom, I can make vowels with my spaghetti!”


Exhibit B:


Yes, that would be my son eating his applesauce while sitting on his Daddy’s shoulders (and yes, to make it truly circus like, he’s in his underwear). 

When my son came up with this “bright” and fun idea my husband thought a moment and responded, “Sure, why not, BUT only this once). 

You see why I call it Life At The Circus?


  1. very impressed with the spaghetti vowels.

  2. LOL, Scott looks a tad worried in the applesauce photo...did he escape without sustaining any spills?

  3. Scott is one brave and wonderful dad!

  4. What fun!!! They are both true "circus acts"! I love that Scott went with the applesauce trick....he's a great dad.

  5. I love the letter making with food. I am so glad he is enjoying his education.

  6. is it just me or these antics participated by only your son? cute! and smart!

  7. LOL They truly are circus acts. Looks like he is learning his phonics and being creative at the same time (as usual)
    The applesauce trick truly belongs in the circus :-) Just need Scott on the high wire!!!

  8. I love it, love it, love it!

    I love that your life is as crazy as mine.

    I love that you just go with it and don't stress about the small stuff.

    And, I love that you take pictures of anything and everything.

    We should SO live next door to one another!

  9. Just when I thought your family couldn't get more fun! You guys are such a hoot! The spaghetti vowels are just priceless. Of all the things he could chose to make out of his noodles! That is truly using HIS noodle! Hilarious! Don't get me started on the applesauce thing, though. I would seriously have been twitching if I were there....

    :-) You might be rubbing off on me though!


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