Playing Army


Last Friday while the girls spent the day caring for and practicing to hold “baby Ewi” my son spent the day dressed in Camoes and gathering his weapons arsenal to play army with uncle Jim. 

IMG_3013 I wasn’t exactly sure how much uncle Jim would feel like playing army, since he lives army every day of his life and this was his leave time to see family before deploying to Iraq.  But uncle  Jim, was a huge sport about it and never complained about playing Friday night at the birthday celebration, or during the neighborhood harvest celebration on Saturday or during the Steelers game on Sunday.  In fact uncle Jim played army, Star Wars, and Transformers every time we saw them, with never a complaint.  And my son loved every moment...  eagerly sitting by him at every meal and during church on Sunday morning.  It was rather cute to watch.

Friday the kids made cards for Great Grandpa’s birthday and cards to welcome baby Eli to MD.  My son also made a card for Uncle Jim.  He wanted him to read it that first night and then to look at the picture again before he goes off to war next month.    I had to take a picture b/c when he asked me to spell it out for him, I thought his message was too sweet not to preserve.


“Let’s have fun today and not be sad about going to war.  I love (heart colored in camouflage) you.”


On the other side, he drew this picture of the two of them playing army.


It’s pretty obvious that my son looks up to and admires his uncle Jim.   And it’s easy to see why. 


  1. That is really sweet! What a lucky uncle and nephew.

  2. It was so great for them to be together last weekend. Your son has such a big heart. I love that they're pals. And really, what is there about a camouflage-colored heart that DOESN'T melt your heart??

  3. With tears in my eyes - it melts my heart. What a beautiful way to send his uncle off to war. What a sport Uncle Jim is to play - or what a big kid LOL :-)

  4. It's easy to see why your son has such a big heart...he's surrounded by family who all has the same kind of heart. You whole family is full of heart...I can just tell by reading your posts and your comments.

    I will certainly keep "Uncle Jim" and "Aunt Karen" and "Ewi" in my own prayers through Jim's deployment. You guys have come to mean so much to me! I'm thankful for Jim's service and his family's sacrifice.

  5. I am so impressed with how well your son is writing!!! Great job homeschool mama!


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