The Peanuts Gang


Those of you that have been visiting the circus for awhile know that I don’t use my kids names on the blogs.  I once entertained the idea of pseudonyms but never came up with any I liked.  So I’ve pretty much stuck with “ my son,”  “my 3 year old daughter” and “my baby” for the past year or so.   So far, I have no real intentions to change that, but I did realize last week, that had this been “Life with The Peanuts Gang” or something more catchy, I’d have perfect pseudonyms to use. 

My baby seems to always, always have something on her face and or clothes.  Typically it is remnants of our last meal, but it also quite often dirt or snot or a combo of the above.  As she was coming inside from playing in the sandbox I remarked to her and the kids how much she reminded me of Pig Pen. 

See the resemblance?


This of course got me thinking about my other two.

In my opinion, my son would have to go down as Linus.  Just substitute the beloved blanket for his baby.  I can totally see him getting up on stage and reciting Luke 2 when asked what Christmas is all about, can’t you?







Now, my middle child was a bit harder.  My initial inclination was to go with Marcie b/c they both have glasses.  I then was considering Sally b/c she seems to be the quintessential little sister.  (“oh big brother!” )But after spending some time reading the bios of the peanuts gang on wikipedia (a blogger has to do her research, right?) I have decided that Peppermint Patty best suits my middle child.  (though I think my daughter is way cuter). Besides the fact that Peppermint Patty is described as a tomboy, they also described her as having a “stubborn personality with a dare-devil twist”  While her stubborn streak seems to have, thankfully, ended with age, there is no question that she is our fearless one!  So, I guess Peppermint Patty it is then.








I love the peanuts gang.  Their holiday specials are hands down my favorites and a must watch every season.  Perhaps its the way he captured the personalities of children or maybe its just the way they dance with their noses pointed up the sky, I’m not sure.  But I love em’, and I love my life with my own peanuts gang as well.


  1. cute idea! I hope Megh reads this since she loves the Peanuts to much too!

  2. Such a cute post - great comparison with your little gang.

  3. What a cute idea !! Awesome names.. they are adorable..

  4. There's nothing to say that you couldn't use those names...they're so cute!

  5. your middle is the perfect Peppermint Patty!

  6. megh did read it and thinks it was nailed your son...he would definitely respond to charlie brown the way linus did! great job :) but i guess that makes you the adult who talks in jibberish!

  7. i love it! but if you are seriously thinking about using pseudonyms for your kiddos, might i suggest going with their steeler jersey names. they are soooooo perfect for you kids! big ben, polamalu, and of course heinz! (not so sure about those spellings, but i'm sure you know!)

  8. Your little Peanut gang is perfect! I love how you researched the Peanuts on Wikipedia. Too funny. But you are right, they certainly do seem to have one that captures each of your Circus kids!


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