Naptime E-mails


Naptime is sacred at my house.  At night all three kids share a room b/c it really doesn’t bother me if they stay up late talking and singing.  But at nap time every one goes to a different room.  My son no longer naps, but he still goes to his “nap room” for quiet time where he may look at books or draw or play quietly for an hour and a half.

For the last few weeks my oldest daughter has wanted to work on “school work” during nap time like her brother.  (which means she wants crayons and papers in her room too).  I didn’t object, as long as she promised to go to sleep after doing “school” for a little while.

Not long after, I heard a door open, then another, some whispers and two closed doors.   I ignored it at first.  But after about 10 minutes of doors opening and closing, I feared they’d wake their youngest sister so I went back to see what was up.

My daughter informed me they were sending “e-mails” to each other.

And it was one of those things that was just so cute, that despite the fact that I knew I should make them stop and go to sleep, sucker that I am, I let them keep “e-mailing” as long as they stayed quiet. 

Their e-mails consisted of pictures and messages which they would write and then deliver to each other.

This one happens to me my favorite.  My son drew it for his sister.  He also wrote their names at the top in “kid font.”  I totally confiscated it for my file of precious mementos.   IMG_2715


  1. That is so cute!!! How funny that they even know what an e-mail is...we barely even knew what computers were as kids.

  2. How cute!! I don't blame you for letting them continue "e-mailing". It's funny that they even know what e-mail is....when we were kids we barely knew what a computer was!

  3. i love how much they love each other...even virtually.

  4. What a precious moment! They really have such a great relationship. Too cute - next they will learn to text message :-) Just another sign of the times that they are growing up in. It is just so natural to them.

  5. Priceless! And it's so endearing how they love eachother so much. Although I've chosen naps over emailing and such lately...oh youth is wasted on the young! :-)

  6. This is precious. How sweet are they! I have to admit that nap time is not as sacred as it used to be around here. With one not napping and another refusing to nap (and also refusing to stay in her room, which is another issue). I've lowered quiet time to 30 minutes because that is the only amount everyone can successfully complete without getting into trouble. Maybe if I allow emailing they'll stay quiet longer :)


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