Weekend Thought: God’s Love Story


This week we took the kids to see a performance at the Sight and Sound theatre in Lancaster, Pa.  If you ever get the opportunity to go (they also have a location in Branson, Mo) I highly recommend you go.  (thankfully we were able to use a home school discount and take our family for less than the cost of one regularly priced ticket).   We saw their production of In the Beginning, which was a rendition of the Creation story.

It made me think of the story of Creation in a whole new light.  As they portrayed God walking with Adam and Eve in the garden, they did an excellent job of portraying the love between our Father and His children.   I felt like it gave a beautiful picture of what heaven will be like, as we will truly dwell with the Father in a way we can’t even imagine b/c our sin keeps us from that while on earth.  It made me so excited about heaven.  Also as I pondered the garden God created, and all its beauty, I realized how magnificent the new heaven and new earth will be.  Right now I love to spend time in God’s creation.  I enjoy gazing at beautiful sunsets, star studded skies, mountain views, ocean views…but the most beautiful thing on earth, is still existing in a fallen world.  Can you imagine God’s handiwork in the new heaven and new earth free from sin?  That will be truly breathtaking.  

Another thing that struck me was the consequence of sin. When Adam and Even disobeyed and were removed from the garden , they no longer dwelled with God.  The Bible talks about them walking together with God in the garden (before the fall).  They experienced an intimacy with God unlike we can imagine b/c right now our sin prevents this.  When they left the garden, they could no longer see or feel His presence with that same intimacy.  The actors did a great job of portraying the pain this caused both God and them.  Yet,  the story didn’t end here.  You see how God still cared for and provided for Adam and Eve, even though they no longer dwelled with him.   More than that, God later provided His son to take the consequences of the sin which prevents us from dwelling with God.  Because Christ took took that consequence on our behalf, we will one day dwell with the Father, much like Adam and Even did in the garden. 

I left so excited and humbled.   So often our focus is here on the temporal.  And because this world is all we know, we tend to think it’s pretty great.  Even in its sinful state.   We don’t know what heaven will be like.  We know God says it will be wonderful.  But it is hard to wrap our human minds around something we haven’t seen or experienced.  So often, I think we doubt it.  If we’re honest,  I think many Christians wonder “how great will heaven really be?”  “Are we just gonna sit on clouds and sing praise songs for the rest of our life?”  Typically, we’ll say, “I know I won’t be disappointed, but I have a hard time getting excited about heaven.”   But my friends, I truly believe heaven is going to knock our socks off.  For so many reasons.  We have no idea what it is like to truly dwell with our Creator.  We can’t even fathom that intimacy.   I can only imagine that, that alone will leave us in awe.  But, yet there’s more.  God created us for His glory.  That is our purpose.  And while it is true that we glorify God when we sing His praises.  That is not the only way we bring Him glory.  We glorify Him when we use the gifts He’s given us, for His glory.  I imagine in heaven, we’ll be glorifying Him by working and serving  together (perfectly)  in His new heaven and new earth.  And that is going to be incredible.  Not to mention the beauty we will experience in the no longer fallen earth.  It’s mind boggling to be sure, but magnificent as well.  And I am confident that we will NOT be disappointed!

I am thankful or family had the opportunity to see this production.  I am also thankful for the thoughts it provoked and the discussions Scott and I had on our way home.   I think its valuable to spend time pondering these things.  Too often, we don’t. 

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  1. What an insightful post. Our human minds cannot begin to comprehend what eternity will be like...when we will be fully restored to intimacy with our Creator! How incredible it will be!!

  2. it's super cool to think that God sent Jesus for us to buy us back. we were (and totally are) his, but he went to the distance for us because he loves us so much. i can't even imagine that kind of love. if maya knocks over the laundry basket as an accident, i get so frustrated. i can't imagine what God felt like when Adam and Eve ruined the whole world on PURPOSE! and yet, God still chases after us.
    so amazing!
    hey, i'm sorry the vikings beat the ravens. i'm a mn girl born and raised, but i am a packer fan (it was a gift i gave to my husband for our 5th wedding anniversary). oh, wait! you are a steelers fan. woops. sorry about that!


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