A Watched Pot


Its funny to me how many “old sayings” run through my head on any given day.

For example, “Don’t cry over spilled milk.”  I must repeat that to myself at least twice a week... “Don’t cry over spilled milk… DON’T CRY over spilled milk… (and in my head I also add quite often, don’t make anyone else cry over spilled milk.”

So, I had to laugh when my son and I were doing science this afternoon and we were talking about the various states of water.  He already has a pretty good grasp of solid, liquid, and gas (especially pertaining to water) but anything with the word experiment after it gets him down right giddy.  So we were making steam as part of our science lesson today.


And I couldn’t help but laugh (and snap a picture) when I answered the phone and turned around to see this.  I figured we’d go work on something else at the table while we waited for the water to boil.   He seemed quite content to sit and wait for it to turn to steam.

I then told him that “a watched pot never boils.”  To which he responded, “What’s a watched pot?”

We read for a few more minutes and then…


IMG_2727And with a pot of boiling water, what’s one to do but make hot cocoa? He asked if this was in the book too… it wasn’t.  But, what’s the fun of home schooling if you can’t add a little chocolate and marshmallows now and then, right?  So, we sipped some hot chocolate while doing our math and I thought to myself, how lucky can I be?


  1. Reason 1653 our kids are lucky to call you there mom.

  2. What a terrific school day - and so enjoyable :-)
    He is a very patient child!! Love the pictures.

  3. AWESOME lesson...I'm taking notes! ;)

  4. You are the coolest mom!
    I have heard and used a lot of the old sayings myself.

  5. man, this whole homeschooling things seems so exciting to me! science experiments? hot cocoa? he has no idea how good he has it.

  6. I never homeschooled but if I had it to do all over again, I think I would. And your post today is EXACTLY the reason why - I think there are very few things that can't be made into a lesson and have some fun thrown in. I bet if he spills that milk enough though he may see some steam come out of your ears! HA HA Have a great day ~ ♥

  7. Wow, this seems much more advanced than the stuff Ella is doing in kindergarten - and much more fun!!! Definitely stuff like this that would make homeschooling appealing!

  8. That is so cool I love how intently he is watching it too.

  9. um, is he sitting on the kitchen table?


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