Weekend Thoughts: A True Gent



I am convinced that if you were to look the word up in the dictionary, you’d have to find a picture of this man. 

Grandpa I first met him at our high school graduation.  I remember being taken with the fact that he had one of those sweaters with the reinforced elbows and  remarked to Scott how much I loved his genuine “Grandpa sweater” and was convinced he’d be the perfect Worthers Original grandpa.

Somewhere over the past 12 years he went from being Scott’s grandpa, to  my grandpa too.  I can’t pinpoint the moment it occurred, but I can tell you that I truly love him like my own.  

Grandpa is the kind of man that walks you to your car after a visit, and insists on carrying your things for you.  When you instinctually start to object and insist, “I’m fine” your words stop in your throat b/c you know its no use and you simply say “thank you.”  He’s funny and witty and I am pretty sure we have him to thank for the sarcastic streak that runs through Scott’s side of the family.  

fun with Great GrandpaI love, absolutely, LOVE watching grandpa interact with our children.  It truly warms my heart.  Each of our children love him and he them, but there is something special between my middle child and him.  I couldn’t begin to put it into words, but you can see it in the sparkle she gets in her eye when he is near.  IMG_9910

We’re blessed to live close to grandpa and because of this I can say, “he’s  always there.”  Every holiday, birthday party, every gathering big or small, you can count on him being there.  I quite honestly can’t imagine it any other way (nor would I want to).  He’s also there when you’re in a pinch and need some help…like when we couldn’t find a dog sitter for Maggie over Labor Day weekend, or Scott needed a ride to the mechanic to pick him the van, or we couldn’t get a hold of anyone to watch the kids when I went into labor with our third and Grandpa and Grandma dropped everything and came to sit with the kids while we went to the hospital.  Like I said, “he’s always there” and because of this fact I am embarrassed to admit we take his presence for granted.  We don’t spend nearly the amount of time with him that we’d like .  When we do see him we always realize that too  much time has slipped since last time and “gosh I wish we did this more often.”   That is definitely something Scott and I would like to change.   We truly are blessed to have him close by and we’d like to take advantage of that gift. 

Happy Birthday Grandpa!  We all love you!

I know this post doesn’t really fit with the theme of my other  weekend thoughts, but, it’s the weekend and tonight the extended fam will be getting together to celebrate this wonderful man’s birthday, therefore that’s what I am thinking about tonight.   

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  1. That's inspiring, Crystal!

  2. he reminds me of my uncle arnie who just died. he doesn't happen to fix sewing machines, does he?

  3. Awww, happy birthday to him! He really is a wonderful man!

  4. He sounds like one in a million to me!

  5. you're so right...not enough nice things can be said about him!!

  6. You know, it actually does remind me of your usual weekend posts. Because isn't our Heavenly Father the same, always there and always loving us. And sometimes we take His "presence for granted!" :)

  7. What a sweet tribute. I hope he gets to read it.

  8. What a fine tribute to this dear man. Thank you for posting it.


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