A Very Realistic Fan


our O fan Our son is a huge baseball fan.  His team of choice is the Baltimore Orioles.  As much as he likes the Orioles, he also recognizes that they don’t exactly have a winning record…


Last week we were getting ready for soccer practice when he informed me that he didn’t feel like going to practice.

Me:  “Well you need to practice, it helps you to get better.”

Son: “ But Mom, I’m already really good.  I don’t need practice.”

Me:  “Even the Orioles practice and their professionals.”

Son:  “But Mom, the Orioles aren’t good.  They need to practice.”


And in keeping with his very realistic outlook on his beloved Orioles, I thought I’d record this anecdote which I did post on face book a few months ago, but wanted to have recorded.

Son: “Mom, why are the Red Sox so much better than the Orioles, do they practice more?”

Me:  “No, I am sure the  Orioles practice hard.  Well, ummmm I guess they have better players.”

Son: “Why?”

Me:  “Well, I guess b/c their coaches pick better players.”

long pause

Son:  “Mom, I think your wrong.  That just doesn’t make any sense.  Why wouldn’t the coaches pick good players.  I think it’s because they don’t practice enough.”


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  1. How cute!!! I love how convinced he is that they just don't practice enough and that he doesn't need to, because he's already good.

  2. I'm loving your blog!

    I just started one and I've love to have you stop by.
    Eliza’s blog

  3. Well, has he ever thought about the Pittsburgh Pirates? I'd say he'd say they need A LOT of practice!!! So funny. I just love his humor and his poignant way of putting things! I would just love to have a conversation with him someday!

  4. Funny...I feel the same way about the dumb old Orioles.

  5. Those are cute conversations as he is trying to understand the world of competitive sports.

    Love these :)

  6. i could talk to him all day and never get bored.

  7. Gotta love that kid! I love the way his mind works!! :)


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