I Saw the Sign


At dinner last night I was telling Scott how cute it is to watch our 3 yr old in gymnastics.  Every now and then she’ll look at the observation window, get a big grin and wave to me.  Sometimes she’ll even give me a thumbs up sign. At which point she chimed in and said,

“Yea, this means good.”


“And this means Ravens”


What can I say?  That’s my girl!


  1. At least she knows. At least she knows.

    too funny.

  2. That is cute!!!

    And she is darling! She reminds me of those little girls you see in commercials!

  3. She Knows!!! A true Steeler fan!

  4. Even though I'm a die hard Ravens fan, I simply cannot believe how cute she is. And, how hilarious it is that *that* is what she said! Just hysterical.

    (I think you and I could hang out every day of the week and have and have an absolute blast - except for Sundays during football season!) :):)

  5. it's like us being in packer fans living in vikings land! only we need to be a bit more packer proactive. you and your daughter inspire us to be even BETTER fans!

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