A quick search through old posts and you will discover that I am a complete sap about gap toothed smiles.  In my humble opinion, they are beyond precious and absolutely adorable.  So, when our youngest lost his first tooth this week, I was completely smitten. 

It’s been loose for awhile, but unlike my other children he wasn’t eager to pull it.  No light saber pulling, or tying the tooth the the door knob.  He just waited patiently for it to fall out.


And it did.



During worship at our church last Sunday evening, he whispered over to me with an excited smile, “I Lost my tooth!”  Thankfully I had some napkins in my purse.   It was so cute to hear him tell people about it.  He’d exclaim, “It’s my first tooth I lost in my entire life!”   The next day when he was telling his tutor about it at our tutorial, I realized he had somehow gotten the idea that the tooth fairy works for the dentist.  As he was telling her, he said something to the effect of, “I was just at the dentist last week and they knew it was coming really soon… so last night they came (apparently the tooth fairy is a they) and they left me a silver dollar AND my tooth, since it was the first one I ever lost in my life, they let me keep it.” 


I adore this age.  And this smile. IMG_0104