I went to a wedding the other night.

The bride looked dashing in her floor length ball gown, with her shoulder length hair worn down.  The groom was handsome in his navy blue jacket with a red and gray tie, and a simple black eyed susan taped to his jacket lapel.   The bride carried matching black eyes susan’s picked fresh from her mother’s yard.   princess wedding 

As the ceremony began the bride’s cell phone rang.  Her groom was most disturbed b/c, “brides don’t carry cell phones to weddings.”  This bride was hearing none of that and took the call.  She wanted to ask her mom over for casserole that night following the nuptials and had been waiting for her to call her back.  After the phone call the groom planted a big wet one on his bride b/c, “they always kiss, dance, and eat cake in weddings… oh and the rings.”  The bride was not so keen on the kiss, but did enjoy the dancing turned wwf wrestling on the living room   ball room floor afterwards. 

brother, sister love

A strange thing has happened to me in my ripe, “old” age.  Since turning thirty I have discovered my taste buds are changing quite a bit. 

For years I have loved the smell of coffee.  And while I do enjoy a cappuccino or especially a good frappuchino, an actual cup of coffee was too strong for my liking.  However, I enjoyed the smell so much, I once begged my husband to drink it in the morning, just so we could fill our home with its rich aroma.  He denied my request to become addicted to caffeine for no reason other than to please his wife’s olfactory nerves.

But recently, I have noticed that I have acquired a newfound liking to the cup of joe (with cream and sugar mind you).  I bought a bag of coffee beans this week and hope to figure out how to use our coffee maker so I can start my day with the sweet smell of hazelnut coffee brewing in our kitchen.  Funny, how I made it through 4 years of college, 3 years of teaching, and 3 newborn babies without it, but within weeks of hitting the big 3-0 I’ve turned to the dark side. 

More startling than my appreciation for coffee, is my recent discovery of a diet soft drink that I have found acceptable to the palate.  I am a coke snob.  And I wouldn’t touch diet soda if it was the last soda on earth.  But last week I went to visit Scott at work and asked him to bring me out a soda.  All they had was a diet coke with lime and a cherry coke zero.  I wrinkled my nose in disgust.  No way was I touching the diet coke, but I left the cherry coke zero sitting on the picnic table.  (see I told you I was a snob).  I thought about it.  My mouth was dry and so I figured, what the heck.  I closed my eyes and took a sip, much like I was attempting to get down cough medicine.  It wasn’t bad.  I drank some more.  Hmmm… can’t really tell much of a difference.  I must confess it took me several more sips before I was willing to admit to Scott that it didn’t taste different to me than regular cherry coke.   He was in shock!  I have to confess I haven’t tried one since, b/c we still have regulars in our pantry.  But, the next time I need to buy more coke, I intend to purchase a case of cherry coke zero. 

I’ve been thirty for 2 weeks now and I’ve added diet soda and coffee to my grocery list… what’s next?

IMG_0736 IMG_0734  IMG_0735

Yea… the older two never would have been allowed to lick the cake batter on their second birthday cakes… “The babies of the family always get away with more.”

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While walking to the car after church on Sunday, my son proudly showed me his Sunday School papers. 


Upon seeing this picture, I assumed what his lesson was about that morning and decided to play a little game with him. 

“I bet I can guess who this picture is of,” I say jokingly.  Being confident in who it is, I decide to joke around with him and intentionally say wrong answers such as “Andrew, James, or Paul.”  Of course he giggles and says, “no, no, and no.”

Finally, I finish teasing him and say, “I know… it’s Joseph!”

“No,” he answers.

“What?”  “You didn’t learn about Joseph and his coat of many colors?”



“Really?”  “Who is it?”

Turns out the joke was on me.

“Jesus,” he answers me.

Totally thrown off, I look at his take home papers and discover he learned about Dorcas who according to his paper, “loved Jesus very much and served him by helping others.  She did kind things for people in the church.  She made clothes for the poor.” (based on Acts 9:36-42)

Guess that’s what I get for being cocky and presumptuous when checking out his Sunday School art work.

I love that I never know what to expect when I ask my kids about Sunday School.  While this episode made me laugh, my favorite Sunday School recap is still my daughter and the poor little man on the side of the road.

About 7 months ago we received a phone call that we’d been hoping for, for several years now.  My sister in law (Scott’s sister) was pregnant!  And there was much rejoicing and squealing at the circus house.  Later that same week, we learned that my other sister in law (my brother’s wife) was also expecting a baby!  Their due dates were within 2 weeks of each other.  And a few months later we found out that they were both expecting boys.

There was much rejoicing and dreaming of blue at the circus house as we anticipated our new nephews and cousins!

Well, 2 weeks ago we got the call from my brother that his wife’s water had broken and they were on the way to the hospital.  The next morning the circus crew took a day trip to meet our new little nephew.  The kids were so excited to see their little cousin, only hours old.

meeting our cousin 

After watching everyone take turns holding him, my youngest went over to the sink to wash her hands.  She then proclaimed, “my turn to hold the baby.”  We had to explain that even though she washed her hands, she was not old enough to hold her baby cousin and would instead have to stick with watching while holding her baby doll.  (given the gentle and loving way with which she was holding her doll, I don’t know why we didn’t just pass him off to her).

eager to hold the baby

It was such a joy to be able to hold him and welcome him into the family.

Now, we are very eagerly awaiting the phone call from El Paso, letting us know when our next nephew is making his debut!  I am hoping it is soon as I can’t wait to meet him and I am sure my dear SIL is tired of being 9 months pregnant in the 105 degree Texas heat. 

And yes, these beautiful bundles of blue, sure make it hard on the circus Mommy as her baby has outgrown her need for a crib and now changing table!  With all 3 walking, talking and wearing underwear, I officially don’t have a baby or even a toddler anymore at the circus!

You know your family is a techno family when your 5 year old requests that you add a song to your ipod so he can listen to it.  Today, my son did just that and I was more than happy to oblige him with this choice.  The “theme song” for our Vacation Bible School this year was “Today is the Day” by Lincoln Brewster.  They sang it every morning at the start of VBS.  It had the kids jumping and praising.  Can’t think of a better start to the day.  2 weeks later and it is still in my son’s head and he wanted me to download it so we could sing along at home with frequency. 

I have many playlists on my ipod.  One for running, one for kids songs, one for worship music, one with love songs,  and one I entitled “upbeat fun” specifically designed to get us moving and grooving during those difficult 4-6pm hours of the day. 

In addition to my ipod, I have a little gadget called the nike+ipod.  I plug one part into my nano and one part slips into my shoe.  I use it while running and it has many great features (tracks my distance, rate, over all time...just to name a few).  One of my favorite features is called the “power song” which you can play when you need instant motivation.  It’s nice to be able to program in “the one song that always gets you through the home stretch.”

After my son requested his song, I got to thinking we could put that “power song” principal into effect at our house.  When we’ve got a case of the grumpies (myself included) or we’re fighting, or short tempered…I can play our “power song” to get us through the home stretch.  To redirect our thoughts and attitudes and get them in the right perspective.  The song needs to be upbeat and fun, so we can let loose and dance a little.  But, it can’t just be a silly song.  Silly songs are great, but for our power song, I want it to direct us back to God.  I think our power song will change from time to time.  We’ll find new songs that resonate with us in a particular way and I can change it up a bit.  But, for now I am going to give this new song a try.  I’ll have it in my ipod on a playlist called “power song” and when I feel we need instant motivation, I will go and turn it on and see if it helps give all of us an attitude adjustment.  

I know personally, this week as I was focused on my to do list, I found myself a bit uptight from time to time.  I snapped more than I should have.   There were definite moments where I could have used a step back to gain some perspective (enter the power song). 

I like the lyrics of the song, “Today is the day you have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.”  (Originally penned by the psalmist David).  I want to rejoice in each day the Lord has made.  Not just the days where I get everything done that I wanted.  Not just the days that the kids got along beautifully.  Not just the days where we relaxed and had fun together.  I want to teach myself and my kids to rejoice in each day.  To see each day as a gift from God, and no matter the circumstances we can rejoice in that day. 

Crank it up and rejoice with us today!! 


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The other day the kids and I were hanging around the house cleaning the house like crazy and listening to music.  “The Sharing Song” by Jack Johnson came on and he sang, “It’s always more fun to share with everyone.”  My three year old got a funny look on her face and exclaimed, “Hey, he said it’s more fun to share!  It is NOT more fun to share!” 

The way she said it and the look on her face was if she was saying, What is this propaganda your spewing at me mom? We all know it is no fun sharing.

While I would contest that is definitely good to share and something we strive to teach here at the circus, I guess I can concede that is isn’t always more fun to share.    But then again, we don’t share b/c it’s more fun, we share because it is kind and being kind towards others is one way we can glorify our Lord.  Sometimes the fun is a great byproduct, sometimes it isn’t fun at all. 

How about you?  Do you agree with Jack that it is always more fun to share or are you in agreement with my daughter?

Something strange must be in the air here at the circus,b/c this week I’ve been cleaning like I haven’t cleaned since I was nesting.  Seriously, last night at 9:00 Scott came home from sailing to find me scrubbing the baseboards of our bathroom with a toothbrush.  If he hadn’t heard the kids screaming for him from their bedroom, I am sure he’d have thought he went into the wrong house!

I know I have been negligent on the blog front, but let me tell you on the home front I have scrubbed the walls and baseboards, cleaned the bathroom top to bottom (including the itty bitty corner behind the potty), washed the dog, stayed on top of laundry, cleaned and organized the toy room, cleaned (and dusted) my bedroom,  gone grocery shopping, grated a zucchini, and baked some zucchini bread and muffins.   Still on today’s to do list is to mop the entry way and kitchen floors, finish my dad’s father’s day gift (ya know since it’ll be August next week and all), order some pics to be printed to update my frames, and finish putting away laundry.  Tonight we have a double date with some friends to see the new Transformers movie.  Then tomorrow I just gotta scrub my sink and stove, clean off my counter top, and bake and decorate my daughter’s birthday cake… oh and buy the last minute food for her party on Sat. 

I am not sure the exact motivation for this deep clean, but I am taking full advantage of it while the mood is here.  My son asked me yesterday why I cleaned the dog for his sister’s party and never for his birthday.  I tried to explain that all this cleaning isn’t just b/c of her party.  Her party is my deadline b/c I need self-induced deadlines.  I have a whole list of stuff to accomplish in August so I can feel like my entire house is spic and span and organized so I can home school in the fall.  Yea, b/c somewhere in the state requirements for homeschooling it says you must start the year with a clean and organized home…(note rare use of sarcasm by the circus mom)

Whatever the reason, I am happy with the result and hopeful we can maintain the new state of cleanliness here at the circus!  (I’ve always been an optimist)!

PS:  Have no fear, for those of you that have missed my regularity in blogging and commenting, I have plans for getting back on top of that soon… already know what I want to write about for Fri and my weekend thought for Saturday. Incase you were wondering!

Last week we took the kids to the local zoo.  We have tried to go once a year for the past several years.  We go in part b/c we want to give the kids a chance to see the exotic animals up close.  It’s so fun to watch their reactions.  But, I’ll be honest, we also go b/c I love to see the animals up close!  It is amazing and awe inspiring and I don’t think I could ever tire of it!  (And I am not even an animal person). 

Three preschool kids at the zoo in Maryland in the heat of summer.  Why, you might ask?  Well, that I’ve already answered that, it’s fun.  How?  We have a strategy that has worked really well for for us.  We don’t attempt to see it all.  We don’t make it a day long affair.  We pick the few select animals we want to see, we take our time and enjoy them, and we leave happy.  I don’t try to “get my money’s worth” and see every single animal in the zoo.  I feel I get more than my money’s worth by enjoying the select ones we do see.  One year I’d like to get a zoo membership and try to go back often and gradually see them all.  The past two years we’ve been pretty fascinated by the same select few. 

The polar bears.


The giraffe



The elephant



And the leopard. 


This year, we had a few exciting moments as we got to feed the giraffe, watch the elephants drink water from their trunk, and watch and listen to the leopard pace and growl.  Because we saw only a few we spent a good deal of time observing them.  We saw more than just these 4 animals, but these were by far the highlight for the circus crew. 

Follow the links for more fun with pictures (some more wordy and some less).  And for more helpful tips, visit here

My son is quite the little entrepreneur.   The other night after dinner my husband was reading the girls a book and I sat on the couch to read a little myself.  I looked over to see what my son was up to and discovered he had put all the dishes in the sink, and was scrubbing the dining room table.   He even asked where the sandwich bags where so he could bag up the leftovers and put them in the fridge.  Needless to say, I praised him for his hard work and the big help he was to me.  As I sat down reading my book, I thought to myself how I could really get used to this.  Then my son piped up, “Mom, I’m doing this b/c I want to make some money.” So much for being motivated to serve out of his love and devotion to dear old mom.  I promised him that this week Dad and I would talk about allowances and chores. 

household chores 

Of course the next day when I asked him to clean the table up after breakfast, he complained that he wished he had never told me it was fun and he didn’t want this to be his job anymore.  He then wanted to know if he could “take my flute and a hat and go play for money so he could pay someone else to clean the table.”

Looks like Dad and I definitely have to sit down this week and talk about chores and allowances.  We gotta set some rules and standards here soon.  He’s obviously old enough to work and I think he’s old enough to have some money of his own as well.  We just gotta decide how the two relate to one another.  http://notbefore7.blogspot.com/

Those of you that have been part of the circus for awhile, know that I seriously lack a green thumb

I guess you could call me naive, but this spring I decided to try again.  Much like peach picking, my goal in gardening is to teach my kids.  So, I didn’t go for  huge garden with hopes of providing a summer’s worth of produce.  Instead, I opted for a few plants that we could watch grow and hopefully taste the fruits of our labor. 

Last night I took a look at the garden.  Now I know a seasoned gardener would have been checking up on her plants all along.  But you all know I am not a seasoned gardener. 

We’ve got some tomatoes and peppers that should be ripe soon! 

home grown tomatoes

home grown peppers

But we don’t have to wait any longer to enjoy one of our sweet successes!

Check this bad boy out!

check out that zucchini

I was delightfully surprised when I uncovered this zucchini!

this one's ready for mom's zucchini bread recipe

The kids and I will be baking some home made zucchini bread tomorrow using my mom’s recipe.   Every time I make it, I laugh.  In high school, my good friend Jami came over and we devoured an entire loaf of bread.   At that time, my mom used to make tons of low fat recipes from weight watchers, and I assumed that this one was low fat as well.  I told my friend it was fat free so we could just keep eating and eating. Years later when I made it myself, I realized I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

Not exactly low fat, but it is delicious!! 

Mom’s Zucchini Bread  

makes 2 loaves


3 eggs                                                       1 cup oil

2 cups sugar                                           3 tsp vanilla                        

2 cups grated, unpeeled zucchini

3 cups flour                                            1 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp baking powder                       1 tsp salt

3 tsp cinnamon                                      1/2 cup walnuts

1/2 cup chocolate chips (technically optional)  But, I say they are a must!

Beat eggs slightly; add oil, sugar and vanilla.  Mix well.  Stir in zucchini.  Add dry ingredients.  Mix well and pour into two greased loaf pans.

Bake at 350 for 1 hour or until bread test done in center with a toothpick.

Makes a very moist bread!! 

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Any other suggestions for improving the carnival? Anything I can do to make it easier? 

For those that have linked up in the past, thank you.  I have loved reading your thoughts and getting to know you better.    Please link up below with your thoughtful post.

For those that haven’t linked up, I still greatly appreciate your comments for improving the carnival. 

I love birthdays.  No really, I mean, I LOVE THEM.  And I’ll be honest, I particularly love MY birthday.  As I kid I would start counting down the days till my birthday starting in January (right around my brother’s birthday). 

I can remember when Scott and I had been married about a year we were on vacation at the end of June.  My birthday, as you now know is in mid July.  One sunny afternoon I said to Scott, “Ya know, I really don’t think your excited enough about my birthday.”  It was a mere 10 days a way and I didn’t think he was focusing on it enough.   Yea…I wish I was kidding, but I am not.  I really am that child like. 

This year, my dear hubby went all out.  Truly, he out did himself and I couldn’t have asked for a better day.  He def was more than excited enough about my special day. 

The day started with my getting to sleep in.   A luxury I don’t get to enjoy all that often these days.  He then woke me up b/c the kids were decorating my birthday cakIMG_0453e and it was so precious and he knew I would enjoy watching it.  How right he was.  He completely turned the cake decorating over to them.  Gave them the cake, the container of icing and 3 knives and let them have at it.  It was adorable.  It brought back very vivid memories of my dad doing the same thing with my brother and I on my mom’s 30th birthday.  I can remember being so proud and so excited about making her cake pretty.  To see this same love and adoration poured out for me, truly melted my heart.   


After cake decorating and a quick bath for all involved parties, it was off for a family day of fun at the zoo.  We had a delightful day.  Our highlights were the polar bears, feeding the giraffe, watching an elephant drink water from his trunk,  seeing the penguins swim, and listening to the leopards growl as they paced right in front of us!   Such memorable experiences for all of us.  I love the zoo.  I love seeing the animals up close and personal.  I can’t help but marvel at the God who created them.  And I love sharing those experiences with my children.  


We stopped mid day for a picnic lunch and at the end of our time there we sat under a tree by our car and enjoyed the birthday cake while I opened my presents.  Truly delightful!


  I felt very loved and cherished when my son gave me a popsicle stick frame that he painted and decorated at VBS especially for me.  He’s been so excited about it for the last week.  He remembered my birthday was coming completely on his own, made this for me, and kept it hidden till my birthday.  I was touched. 

Scott gave me an empty birthday card and informed me that he wrote my card on my blog that day!  How sweet!  I was so excited to go home and read not only his sweet comment, but the comments of so many of my blog friends as well.  I was touched that he included you all in my birthday festivities. 

On our way to the zoo Scott told me that he got his parents to babysit so he IMG_2238could take me out to dinner for my birthday.  What a fun surprise!  So, after freshening up at home from our afternoon at the zoo, we dropped the kids off at his parents and headed out for dinner.   As the waitress was seating us I noticed out of the corner of my eye a familiar face… then another… then gradually in slow motion style, I realized that wait my close friends are all sitting together at a table and SURPRISE!  My dear sweet man had pulled it off.  I had no idea at all.  We had dinner with my close friends at my favorite restaurant!  Truly the perfect ending to an already perfect day! 

It was such fun to hear about all the scheming and organizing and stress that my husband and friends went through to pull off the surprise.  I don’t like big parties and I don’t really like surprises, b/c typically I figure out the surprise and hate the stress of trying to act surprised when I am not.  This was perfect.  Not too big, just the right size.  Completely unexpected (I had thought Scott had told me a month ago that he wasn’t doing a party for me, so it never entered my mind).    What a good time!! 

IMG_2244 **This picture is missing one couple who was there, but it was taken after they had already left.  Wasn’t able to photo shop them in, but Andrea and Joe… I was so glad you were there too!**

I’d say, so far 30 is pretty wonderful!

30th-birthday If crystal doesn't want me commandeering her blog then she really needs to get a better password ;-).  Yea, this post is actually being written by Scott.  I guess you may know me as the circus dad.  

Anyway, as a family we have chosen today to celebrate her 30th birthday.  Yep, the big 3.0.  I’m off all day and we are going to have big fun.  Because she loves you all so much I though her day would be all the more fun if she received birthday greetings from some of the faithful readers she spends so much time sharing her life with.  So, if you feel so inclined, send her a note and wish her a happy birthday!!!

Crystal, thanks for being the greatest wife and mother any man could hope to be teamed up with.  You really are the greatest.  I am so glad God brought you into the world 30 years ago and I fell a bit spoiled that he brought you to me.

Happy Birthday Crystal!!!!!

(P.S.  Not knowing I was going to do this, Crystal did actually wrote a post about peaches last night.  I’m not exactly sure how all your “feed readers” work but if this post pushes it out of your list, you might want to read it too.  Not trying to mess her up.)

As much as I like to think I am not, I am a city girl.  My “garden” consists of 6 plants in a square patch on the side of my house.  We get our eggs in a carton at the grocery store and our milk in gallon jugs just down the aisle from the milk.

So, I try to give my kids farm fresh experiences as much as possible.  It takes a bit of driving, but seems like a small price to pay in my book to give my kids prior knowledge experiences.

Sunday we packed up the kids and caravanned with our friends to western MD with plans for some peach picking at an orchard.   We were skipping nap time, but it was worth it b/c our kids were going to get to pick peaches.

IMG_0327We arrived at the orchard eager to pick our peaches.  It was the opening weekend of peach picking at the orchard. 

Apparently we weren’t the only ones enthusiastic to provide an authentic orchard experience for our family. 

They were picked out. 

All they had left was green peaches.  We were told that we could come again next weekend and reminded that we should always call first. IMG_0327

Yea… that was going to fly real well with the kids who just sat for an hour long van ride after church and Sunday School that morning. 

We needed plan B and fast.


Notice anything odd about this picture?

peach picking  

How about this one?

gathering the fresh fruit

Seem a little strange that the kids are mostly bending over in these shots instead of reaching up in the trees?

IMG_0210Yes, we did.

We bought some peaches from the stand and my friend and I carefully placed the peaches on the ground underneath the recently finished cherry tree crop and then had the kids come and gather them.

Why cherry trees, you ask?  Well, we spoke to the manager about our dilemma and begged for her to let us at least walk through the peach trees,perhaps with some recently bought peaches.  Turns out the peach trees were on the way other side of the orchard and for liability reasons she couldn’t just let us go traipsing off over there.  She did however give us permission to traipse through the cherry trees right across the street from the stand.  If we didn’t mind “taking the deception a little further.”

I promise we never lied to them once.

We said, “Kids, come look at the fruit trees.”

“Oh look at all those peaches on the ground. Let’s get some.”

IMG_0209 So much for creating prior knowledge and providing a “real,  farm like experience” for my suburbanite children.  

I can just see it now, years later my kids are grown and snacking on peaches when they mention to their children how you always wait for the peaches to ripen before picking them.  Then you just walk along and gather the beautiful ripe peaches off of the ground and bring them home. 

Looks like for the benefit of my future grandchildren, I gotta plan another peach picking outing for the circus crew.  Next time though, I will call ahead first.


I think my girls make good farm gals, don’t you?


Visit here or here for more Wednesday fun with pictures!

My family’s love for Chick-Fil-A goes deep and wide. 

chick fil fans for life

The first symbol my son recognized was for Chick-Fil-A.  He could “read” it at age 2.  And anytime he saw a cursive C he thought it stood for Chick-Fil-A.  At that same age, I showed him a symbol for the golden arches and he had no idea what it was. 

My daughter’s one year scrapbooks both have pages dedicated to their “first Chick-Fil-A” kids meal experience. 

eat more chicken It’s this deep love for Chick-Fil-A which prompts me to dress my crew like cows and herd them to the local Chick-Fil-A for cow appreciation day every year.  I don’t don cow costumes simply for my desire to get free food.  I do it because I love Chick-Fil-A.  I can tell you right now that if McDonald’s offered me a free meal for dressing like a farm animal, you would not find me showing up dressed head to toe as a cow or chicken or any other mammal. 

I save this public humiliation for one fast food franchise alone.

we love chick fil a 

dear, sweet Chick-Fil-A

…with it’s delicious real, not processed chicken sandwiches and nuggets, it’s sweet tea which is so delicious I would give up my Coke A Cola addiction for it, it’s table toppers so my kids don’t have to eat off messy tables, it’s second miles service with cashiers who will willingly take my tray to the table as I am busy juggling kids, and drinks, and food,  the hostesses who come to my table and refill our drinks, not to mention the indoor play areas, hand spun milkshakes, and Christian values.  Need I go on?  Shall I say more? 

This year we had our very close friends join us for the festivities.  We’d been looking forward to it for weeks.  When D day or shall we say Cow day arrived, they were in the midst of trying to buy a house. They actually invited us to take a look at the house before our IMG_0149dinner date.  While there they decided they did indeed want to put an offer out on the house.  But what about cow appreciation day?  Their realtor graciously offered to follow us to Chick-Fil-A for them to sign their papers.  He ate his dinner while our families enjoyed our dinner date.  Then they signed on the dotted line, cow costume and all, while we entertained the kiddos in the play area.  I can only imagine the conversation he had with his wife that night.  “Honey, you’ll never believe the clients I met with today.  No, no dinner for me dear.  I ate at work…the crazy couple were wearing cow costumes as they filled out the paper work.  Yes, that’s right I said cow costumes….”

Yeah, we’re branded all right…and we seem to share this obsession with our friends as well.

cow tipping**Cow tipping takes on new meaning as my little calf/acrobat gets down on all fours and asks if I want some milk, after which she does a summersault on the playground floor.

Nothing like a week of Vacation Bible School to leave this circus mom with more “not me” moments than I care to admit.  Because I love to keep it real, here’s a few highlights from our week.


Meet my dear friend.  When it comes to friends, she’s one of the bestest.  For many reasons.   An example of which is the fact that she willingly cuts my girls hair for me.  A fact they will thank her for profusely over the years as their Mommy isn’t so good at cutting straight lines.   It wasn’t my daughter sitting on our minivan porta potty getting her hair cut in the church parking lot after VBS.  Surely I would have been on top of things and not let her bangs get soo long and her ends so split  making her so desperately in need of  a haircut that we would do it in the parking lot!


parking lot haircuts


And it wasn’t me who sent my potty training tyke to the nursery in a swimmy diaper b/c we were out of diapers and pull ups and running late for VBS.  I wouldn’t have risked having her pee all over the nursery or waste an expensive swimmy for a non pool outing! 


Nor was it me who stopped at the grocery store on Thursday for milk, and decided to make sure I had all the necessary ingredients for those cookies I’d be craving (such as sugar, eggs, brown sugar, choc chips) only to come home and realize I had no butter.  And it wasn’t me who face booked about this sad dilemma.   Later that same afternoon it wasn’t me who went to check on my dinner cooking in the crock pot only to discover that even though the crock pot was indeed on low, it never heated up.  Wasn’t me who then face booked that fiasco as well as a whine of “what will we have for dinner now?”   Upon receiving a reply from a friend saying I could have cereal for dinner since I had milk, it wasn’t me who wondered how in the world Becky knew I had  milk…forgetting my status from earlier in the day.  Not me at all.  I wouldn’t share way more info than the world cares about my life and then forgot what I shared!  It also wasn’t me who 2 days after purchasing the butter and then  finally getting around to baking those cookies remembered that I had used up all our baking soda cleaning the bath tub earlier that week! 


Nope, not me…


Sometimes you hear about something so big and so awful and while you know you just can’t ignore it and do nothing, you have no idea what to do.


And sometimes not knowing what to do leads to inaction.  How can I make a difference to such a big problem?  What can I do to help someone hurting half a world away?

That’s kinda how I felt after writing this weekend thought about Sudan two weeks ago.  Then Scott and I got to talking and we came up with something.

It doesn’t have to start big. 

Why don’t we start small?  Why don’t we stop thinking about what we can’t do and start doing something with what we can do?

Like shopping

Yes, you read that correctly.

How many of you shop online?  Here at the circus we do it with great frequency.  I love the fact that I can make my purchases from the peace and quiet of naptime without providing a three ring circus act for the people at Target. 

Any of you shop at Amazon?  Amazon.com has a program which allows certain sites to become "affiliates" which means Amazon will pay the site owner a referral fee for each purchase that originates via a link on the affiliate site.  LifeAtTheCircus.com has just become an affiliate and we plan to use 100% of the money raised to help those suffering in Sudan.  Please click here to find out all the specifics of our grand idea. 

I am very excited about this.  I think it can really make a difference.  It can work.   And all you gotta do is bookmark the page, and always start your amazon.com shopping by using the link or search box on that page.  No sacrifices.  No cost to you.  Just using the resources provided to make a difference for those suffering. 

Please read and bookmark the explanation page , twit it to your friends, Facebook it, even post about it on your blog if you are so inclined.  The more we tell and the more who click, the more money we can raise for those suffering in Sudan.  At 6% of each referred purchase the earnings may start small but, if this were to really take off, imagine the difference it could make.  It won’t solve all the problems, but it’s something.  And God can use our little somethings to do much greater things than we could even imagine. 

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