I am Not Sure What Has Come Over Me


Something strange must be in the air here at the circus,b/c this week I’ve been cleaning like I haven’t cleaned since I was nesting.  Seriously, last night at 9:00 Scott came home from sailing to find me scrubbing the baseboards of our bathroom with a toothbrush.  If he hadn’t heard the kids screaming for him from their bedroom, I am sure he’d have thought he went into the wrong house!

I know I have been negligent on the blog front, but let me tell you on the home front I have scrubbed the walls and baseboards, cleaned the bathroom top to bottom (including the itty bitty corner behind the potty), washed the dog, stayed on top of laundry, cleaned and organized the toy room, cleaned (and dusted) my bedroom,  gone grocery shopping, grated a zucchini, and baked some zucchini bread and muffins.   Still on today’s to do list is to mop the entry way and kitchen floors, finish my dad’s father’s day gift (ya know since it’ll be August next week and all), order some pics to be printed to update my frames, and finish putting away laundry.  Tonight we have a double date with some friends to see the new Transformers movie.  Then tomorrow I just gotta scrub my sink and stove, clean off my counter top, and bake and decorate my daughter’s birthday cake… oh and buy the last minute food for her party on Sat. 

I am not sure the exact motivation for this deep clean, but I am taking full advantage of it while the mood is here.  My son asked me yesterday why I cleaned the dog for his sister’s party and never for his birthday.  I tried to explain that all this cleaning isn’t just b/c of her party.  Her party is my deadline b/c I need self-induced deadlines.  I have a whole list of stuff to accomplish in August so I can feel like my entire house is spic and span and organized so I can home school in the fall.  Yea, b/c somewhere in the state requirements for homeschooling it says you must start the year with a clean and organized home…(note rare use of sarcasm by the circus mom)

Whatever the reason, I am happy with the result and hopeful we can maintain the new state of cleanliness here at the circus!  (I’ve always been an optimist)!

PS:  Have no fear, for those of you that have missed my regularity in blogging and commenting, I have plans for getting back on top of that soon… already know what I want to write about for Fri and my weekend thought for Saturday. Incase you were wondering!


  1. Sounds like you've been one busy mama!! I'm feeling a need to pull back a bit and focus on home more as well. I understand the desire to start the homeschooling year on a good note, with a clean and organized home.

  2. It's so interesting that I have been in the same phase as well. I thought the blogging world was plugging along like normal, only to find out there are others out there (besides me) who are frantically cleaning and not writing so much. I'm back today and already planning for my Weekend Thoughts post.

  3. I get that way sometimes when I'm overwhelmed. Usually I do the opposite though! Take advantage of the energy while you can! The blog can wait! I've definitely been enjoying the summer and taking it easy on the blogging.

  4. This is so great! Doesn't it feel good to have a clean and organized and inviting home? There's no better feeling. I can only picture the look on your husband's face as he found you scrubbing away in the bathroom! And, the itty bitty corner behind the potty is my least favorite cleaning place. Ugh. See, you're past the worst already!

    Your son kills me...so funny. You better clean the dog next year for him too!

    It will feel so good to start the quickly coming school year on an organized foot!

    So proud of you!

  5. I wish the mood stayed with me for even a few hours! Wow days! good job and keep it going.

  6. I get that mood about once a month. It is refreshing! I think, like every good teacher, you are "setting up your classroom." I fully support you in this and would even love to watch the kids for you some time in late August so that you can finish up the classroom prep if you need it! Also, if you need help organizing, I would like to offer my SIL. I thought I was good, but seriously, she is AMAZING (that is Care N BTW)

  7. There is nothing to modivate you like a list and a natural or self imposed deadline. Your list reminds me of all of those areas that are the last ones to be cleaned and the hardest to modivate myself to clean.

  8. they say that just before the baby comes, i should get some overwhelming sensation to clean, much like you have. needless to say, it hasn't happened yet. so either this kid is still a ways off, or my hatred of cleaning is overcoming any such nesting desires... i wish i was more like you. really i do. (i would love to know the expression on Scott's face when he came in that night!)

  9. um...you took a break?!? You are seriously one of the most dedicated bloggers I read. Now reading your list of recent cleaning accomplishments on top of it all has me completely amazed. I mean, who cleans their baseboards with a toothbrush?!? My baseboards are lucky to receive attention more than once or twice a year!


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