The other day the kids and I were hanging around the house cleaning the house like crazy and listening to music.  “The Sharing Song” by Jack Johnson came on and he sang, “It’s always more fun to share with everyone.”  My three year old got a funny look on her face and exclaimed, “Hey, he said it’s more fun to share!  It is NOT more fun to share!” 

The way she said it and the look on her face was if she was saying, What is this propaganda your spewing at me mom? We all know it is no fun sharing.

While I would contest that is definitely good to share and something we strive to teach here at the circus, I guess I can concede that is isn’t always more fun to share.    But then again, we don’t share b/c it’s more fun, we share because it is kind and being kind towards others is one way we can glorify our Lord.  Sometimes the fun is a great byproduct, sometimes it isn’t fun at all. 

How about you?  Do you agree with Jack that it is always more fun to share or are you in agreement with my daughter?


  1. i think that everyone would be a lot happier if we did and didn't try to keep all the good stuff for ourselves. so ultimately it is, but right away, well, not soo much!

  2. I'll share anything with my little one or even eat the half-slobbered on french fry he's offering me. But yeah, I'm not so good at sharing with anyone else but him. I don't have anything cool to share, though, so no one wants my stuff anyway!

  3. No sharing is not fun if all we think about is the thing we are sharing but if we put the thing second and the friends first it is...

  4. Sometimes sharing is lots of fun, other times, not so much. But I think God would have us look at it from an eternal perspective. When we share we are walking as Jesus would have us walk (as long as our heart attitude is pure), and that is where our focus should be. It's easy to say that, but harder to walk out sometimes.

  5. Actually, I find it's more fun to just give. I hate sharing, I'd rather just give. So, yes, I agree with your daughter!


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