Don’t Make Assumptions about Sunday School


While walking to the car after church on Sunday, my son proudly showed me his Sunday School papers. 


Upon seeing this picture, I assumed what his lesson was about that morning and decided to play a little game with him. 

“I bet I can guess who this picture is of,” I say jokingly.  Being confident in who it is, I decide to joke around with him and intentionally say wrong answers such as “Andrew, James, or Paul.”  Of course he giggles and says, “no, no, and no.”

Finally, I finish teasing him and say, “I know… it’s Joseph!”

“No,” he answers.

“What?”  “You didn’t learn about Joseph and his coat of many colors?”



“Really?”  “Who is it?”

Turns out the joke was on me.

“Jesus,” he answers me.

Totally thrown off, I look at his take home papers and discover he learned about Dorcas who according to his paper, “loved Jesus very much and served him by helping others.  She did kind things for people in the church.  She made clothes for the poor.” (based on Acts 9:36-42)

Guess that’s what I get for being cocky and presumptuous when checking out his Sunday School art work.

I love that I never know what to expect when I ask my kids about Sunday School.  While this episode made me laugh, my favorite Sunday School recap is still my daughter and the poor little man on the side of the road.


  1. he had me going there, too, for a minute. i do have a soft spot for Dorcas and all, though, given her mad sewing skills... :)

  2. so humbling! i would have TOTALLY done the same thing!

  3. I was just SURE it was Joseph too. How funny! Dorcas sure did make colorful clothes, huh! :)

  4. Your blog is adorably cute! I love how detailed you have it set up:) I just got your comment over at my blog and my littel one is down for a nap so I had time to come read everyone's TTTs for today. I was thinking Joseph as well... he really showed us! Cute stuff!
    I have been in MOPS for 10 years now and LOVE it . The past year was the first year I found that I didn't need MOPS and was ableto be there completey to serve and minister and not be fed. This has been amazing. I do still have a 2 year old but my older ones are both in school and one in 5th grade so I feel like I have more to give and pour into at this point and I really need help with my older ones that my two year old. This year I will be the Hospitality Coordinator as well as continue as a Discussion Group Leader. Our Coordinatoer just had to step down (one of my best froends) and my other best friend is stepping up to fill the spot. It will be a beautiful year. I can't wait to see how God moves in these mom's lives as we buidl relationships with them and hekp them find realtionships with him! I am thrilled!
    it must have been a hard decision to step down for you. Will you still be attendign and involved? I am sure the Lord has great plans in store for his path for you and your family as you honor his call. Blessigns & I will check back again soon.

  5. Oh my! He had me totally fooled as well.

  6. Awwwwwwwwwww!! That's precious!! Love the coloring!


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