Can You Do It?


I remember very little from my college biology class.  The one thing that sticks in my brain is the genetics unit.  I can remember sitting there running through the calculations and thinking, “If Scott and I were to get married we’d have blue eyed kids.”   The hopeless romantic, head over heels in love teen that I was, I enjoyed the game of “wonder if.”  The other thing from the genetics unit that sticks out is that the ability to touch your tongue to your nose is genetically dictated. 

Sorry bio professor, that’s all I remember from the entire semester.

But it brought great amusement to our post dinner conversation tonight.

I asked my kids if they could stick their tongue out and touch their nose.

My daughter’s response?

dinner conversations with preschoolers

Hmmm…not exactly what I meant, but definitely what I said.

My son however, was able to do it correctly.

preschoolers dinner past times

To which his sister responded, “My tongue just needs to grow more.”

These are the high-falutin’ conversations I strike up around the dinner table here at the circus.  

(Tell the truth, did you just try to touch your nose with your tongue?  Did it work?)


  1. I completely love that you son can do that...because although we don't share any genes, I used to entertain him when he was a baby by touching my nose with my tongue! We have something kind of obscure in common!!!

  2. No I did not I know I can't for the same reason I know my brother can and the same reason your children now know who can and who can't, Dinner time! Only mine dinner where I learned this was much longer ago than theirs. (Though I did make my husband try his to see if my kids had a chance. He can't, he also can not roll his r's but we can both roll our tongue so at least the got that.)

  3. That is so funny!! I love your daughter's response. I so cannot do that....I should ask my girls to see what reaction I get from them. Our dinner conversations can be pretty interesting as well.

  4. I could never do that!!!!!!! LOL!!

    Your kids are so cute! I love the one of your daughter!! Haha!

    OHHHH..and I had no idea Jess is your sister in law!!! How cool!!

  5. Caught me! I was sitting here at work trying my dangdest to touch my nose with my tongue! I'm going to have to do it your daughter's way, though because my tongue won't reach and I think its done growing!!!!!

    I would not have remembered much from a biology class either. Science/math not so much my thing.

  6. I can't do it (and no I didn't just try, I already know I can't). But my husband is the king of tongue-to-nose touching and our daughter that looks just like him can do it too.

  7. I did try - and no I can't so it is not in my genes. How cute that his aunt can - and maybe taught him years ago:-)
    But the BEST is your daughters response - sheer genius!! How literal!!

  8. only like your girl! :) he he! That's awesome! i was the exact same way in college about being the forever romantic!

  9. Nope, and I was always jealous that my sister could. She also had 20-20 vision and didn't need braces. La-ti-da for her! But I can lift my eyebrows independent of each other, and that must count for something...

  10. No, I didn't try. But that is just because I already know I can't do it! I love the literalness of kids. You said touch your nose!

  11. I love seeing that we aren't the only house having conversations like these. Little man and I can touch ours, but hubby can't.

    Thanks for the giggle-those photos are great!

  12. Truth be told...YES! My nose is dry but I do have a wet mustache :(


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