Wednesdays in Annapolis


It’s funny how a simple thing like dinner on a Wednesday night can have an dramatic impact on your life. 

7 years ago we went out to dinner with another couple in downtown Annapolis on a Wednesday night.  If you know anything about summer in Annapolis then you know that Wednesday nights mean sailing races. (Truth is I grew up around here and just learned that fact 7 years ago).

When I saw the boats I thought “Hmm nice boats, cool.  Ok, what’s for dinner?”   But Scott and Tim talked nonstop about the boats and races.  Turns out Tim had a sailboat and was setting the stage for recruiting crew.

That fall Scott joined Tim on his boat for a Saturday fall race.  Little did I know that was just the beginning. 

 Daddy sails the spinnaker

That spring our son was born and sailing season started a few weeks later. 

And the rest is history.  

Every Wednesday night from late April till early September for the past 6 years, he’s been out on the bay. 

And as much as possible, the kids and I are cheering him on. 

I can remember when it felt like so much work to go out there with a baby.  More often than not I stayed home.  But I did make it out there a few times that first summer and several more the next summer. 

watching the sail boats


And then I had two kids and realized how easy it was to go out there with just a baby as I was now chasing a toddler and pushing a baby. 

Hmmm no pictures of the sailing watching in 2006…must have been too busy juggling two.  Here is one of the two shortly before they became three.

watching for Daddy's boat

Once I had two toddlers walking around we moved from our spot on the bridge, to a spot with more room to run while we waited for Daddy to sail by.

Funny thing is that when I had our third child we found ourselves out cheering Daddy on more Wednesdays than not.  baby wearing

And as the kids grew bigger they really began to love it.  waiting for Daddy

They  get so excited when they spot his boat in the distance.  They start screaming and jumping and dancing.   

 cheering on Daddy

here he comes

Tonight they started talking about how they can’t wait till they grow up enough to go out and race on the boat with Daddy.  (I know that’ll be a dream come true for Daddy too).


  1. oh my goodness! how cute! seriously! it warms my heart, and i don't even know your family, to see bow excited your kids get for their daddy!

  2. Wonderful! I can't wait either. I've lived in Naptown my whole life and didn't know about this. I'll have to take my new baby down next summer.

  3. What a fun night for your sweet and cute family! It was so fun looking at the pictures and seeing your family grow in numbers and in cuteness! The Circus is having one fun summer is all I can say!

  4. That is such a cute family tradition!

  5. loved seeing your family grow through those pictures (being mrs. crafty P, I was envisioning a lovely scrapbook with all those sailing memories!)- love family traditions like that!

  6. That is absolutely sweet!!!!!!!!!!

    Isn't it funny how you're able to manage w/ more kids! I remember having two kids and I was nervous about going to the park w/ them!! LOL!

  7. i love when our visits overlap with a Wednesday night. it's so fun to watch Scott sail - and to see the kids get so excited and yell to him!

  8. One day it will be our sons leading the crew, and we'll have to go out and cheer with the grandkids!

  9. SO true that it is often "easier" (psychologically, anyhow) to get out with three kids. I, too, remember feeling totally overwhelmed going anywhere with one, then two, but after three, all of a sudden it was like..."What the heck! Pile in the car, everybody!" :) Makes me smile seeing you guys out there cheering Daddy on. I bet he loves it.

  10. Andrea @ the train to crazyThursday, July 09, 2009

    Sounds like a lot of great memories! And true about having 3 kids!

  11. We love that you share Scott with us so freely, Crystal! I know it's no small favor, and he is so fun to have along because he loves sailing so much.

    I really look forward to your gang out there cheering for us each week and pretty soon we'll have your kids join the crew too. I started crewing for my Grandpa on LinGin when I was 10!

  12. Garrett McWilliamsThursday, July 09, 2009

    That was really funny last night -- as we got close enough to the seawall to be recognized, the "crowd" erupted with excitement. Wow!

  13. What a fun fun tradition you've started. Way to make a "guys night out" into a "family night out!" I imagine it is so nice to live so close to the water and have all those water activites at your fingertips.

    Isn't it funny how when you add more kids (even two for me) you go out more because you realize life is much easier when the older ones are happily entertained.

  14. What a great set of Picture! thats so cool that you can support his hobby like that.

  15. Great tradition and love how much "easier" it became with 3!! LOL Great series of pictures over the years. I also love how the baby asks if Daddy is going to work or going on the boat each day :-)

  16. So cool! We should come out to join you sometime.


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