Boat Watching


Living near the Chesapeake Bay affords us many opportunities for boat watching.  

“What’s that?”  “A sailboat.”

“What’s that?”  “A motor boat”

“What’s that?”  “A kayak.”

Many such conversations have gone on between the kids and I over the years.  Now they happily call out the boats they see as we play at the beach or the park nearby. 

Last week my kids got all excited when they saw a cruise ship sailing by our park.  “Look mom, a cruise ship!”


Later my five year old called, “Hey Mom, a China boat!”


I suppose one day over the past few years my son asked about a freighter and I told him it was a boat carrying stuff to the port of Baltimore.  Inevitably it was followed by a question of where the stuff came from.  To which I must of replied offhandedly “China.”  Hence now when my son spies a freighter carrying goods to our local port he indentifies it as a “China boat.”

Too bad, he’s probably right.

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  1. Yah..true...he probably is right!! :)

  2. Too cute! I love seeing the connections that kids make. It totally makes sense in their brains!

    Hope you have a great day!

  3. Do you ever see the boats carrying Toyota's into the Baltimore port? Our region headquarters are in Glen Burnie, but I'm pretty sure some of the cars come through Baltimore.

    Love the China boat cute!

  4. Oh that is adorable. It probably is a China boat :)

    OK - so we live really close to one another - are you in Annapolis or Baltimore? (if you tell that sort of thing) Always fun to meet a fellow MD'er.

    Happy TTT

  5. That sounds like so much fun...I hope that my girls can join in the boat watching fun sometime!! :)


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