It’s not often that I find myself needing to write down the things my 9 year old says.  The other day though, he CRACKED ME UP and I have to write it down so I don’t forget it one day. 

We were at the grocery store and beside the store was an investment firm of some sorts.  The big kids were standing on the sidewalk by the investment firm reading a sign while I was helping my “yittle guy” put his sneakers on.   Then my 9 year old asked, “What’s a 401K?”  Me:  Oh, it’s something for retired people.  My 9 year old, “ No way… there is NO WAY 60 year old people could run a 401 K… that’s way too many miles for a 60 year old.”

hahahaha…. so much of this made me laugh… of course he’s heard of 5K and 10K races so why wouldn’t he think a 401 K was a race…. also the fact that he thinks you retire at 60.   Oh, I got such a good laugh out of this… as I then did my best to explain about saving for retirement.  

Last week my oldest son went to a week of Cub Scout Day Camp.  This year he was a Webelos 1. I remember vividly his first year when he was but a wee Tiger Scout.    He loves Cub Scout camp.  And who wouldn’t?  8 and a half hours outside each day, fishing, archery, BB guns, wood shop, specials, crafts…

Each parent is required to volunteer one day.  Two years Scott served in this role, last year I went, but it was the last day of camp and I didn’t get to see as much of the action.  This year I wised up and went on Thursday.  Also known as THE BEST DAY OF CAMP!  My youngest was so, so, so excited to go to Cub Scout camp like his brother.  And since I was a volunteer he could spend the day in the tot lot, gaining his own camp experience.  He talked about it all week and he wore his little camp shirt EVERY DAY leading up to it.  The morning of camp he was up at 6 am ready to go to camp with his brother.  By the time I dropped him off with his leader at 8 am, he was looking so tired, I was afraid he’d be too tired to enjoy the day.

But, I had nothing to fear, it lived up to all his expectations.  He had a blast. 

And I did too.

Top 10 things about my day with my boys at Scout camp.

10. Sneaking a peek at my three year old fishing for the first time.  Apparently he caught a turtle!


9. When Poe came for a surprise visit to the camp and my son politely sat on the hill rather than pose for a picture with the Ravens mascot… yea, this Steelers Momma was proud.

8. Learning about Indy race cars from the Baltimore Grand Prix.  Did you know the average pit stop takes 8 seconds?  Seriously, I was impressed.  I learned tons about racing cars.  And being as before that talk, all I knew I learned from the movie Cars… my knowledge grew exponentially.


7.  Learning how to shoot a BB gun.  Granted I never hit the Target.  Not once.  But it was fun to try and to watch my son shoot and HIT the target.

6. Helping my son finish his woodshop craft.  A bug collector.



5. Seeing my boy dirty and tired in the van on the way home.


4. Seeing my little guy follow in the foot steps of his big brother.






3. Getting a hug from my son in public!  My son who won’t even give me a hug goodnight at home in the privacy of his room, gave me a gigantic hug in public in front of a camp full of boys. 



(granted it was after he was soaking wet from being sprayed down by the fire truck) But this Momma will take a hug whenever she can get it!


2. Watching my son shoot at the archery range and earn his very first bulls eye!


1.  Hands down, the best part of my day was the visit to the Snack Shop.  Each camper has $10 of snack bucks to spend all week at the snack shop.  My 9 year old was so excited as he took me to the snack shop and said, “Ok Mom, what do you want me to buy you?”  For real… my heart just melted in a big ol’ puddle right there.

We had a fun weekend at the circus… Friday night swim, Saturday included a trip to the mall to spend birthday money and allowances, Father/Son set up for cub scout day camp week ahead, afternoon at the gym for the girls Open House… and Sunday was filled with a great morning of worship, friends over for the afternoon, and my 7 year old got to perform with her gymnastics friends at the opening of the Baysox game!  FUN-FUN-FUN! 

It was really neat to see the girls perform together.  This Momma’s heart swelled up with pride as I watched them stretch side by side in their matching leos.  This year is the first year with them both on team and they have really enjoyed going to practice together. 


One fun part of the Open House is that in addition to seeing the girls do a little performance, everyone gets a chance to try out the gym equipment.  Our three year old was SO excited that he got to go in the gym too.  He asked his sister if he could wear her “leo” but she kindly explained it wouldn’t fit him… we then pretended his Spiderman shirt was his leo.  It took him a little while to warm up to it all, but he had a blast running down the tumble track, hanging on the bar and jumping in the pit just like his sisters.  Afterwards he said to me, “So Monday are you gonna drop me off for practice with the girls?” 


Sunday my 7 year old got to perform a demonstration at the beginning of the Baysox Baseball game.  (local minor league baseball team).  IMG_5791


It was fun to see the girls doing their handstands and back hand springs up on the Jump Tron.  IMG_5812

Then we stayed and watched the game with some of her gym friends.  Then at the end she got to run the bases!


What a fun weekend!

All of my kids have enjoyed pushing the pretend mower along side their Daddy, but I do believe none of them have enjoyed it as much as our youngest.  The look of absolute GLEE on his face when he hears Daddy say it’s time for him to go cut the grass is absolutely priceless.  IMG_5687

He even willingly will choose to stay behind with Dad to cut grass and meet the rest of us at the pool MISSING SOME SWIM TIME rather than miss the chance to cut the grass with his Dad.  And this kid LOVES the pool.


The other week he cracked me up.  The day after he helped Daddy cut the grass, he walked in the backyard and said, “Look at this grass.  Didn’t I do a good job cutting the grass Mom?”