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It’s not often that I find myself needing to write down the things my 9 year old says.  The other day though, he CRACKED ME UP and I have to write it down so I don’t forget it one day. 

We were at the grocery store and beside the store was an investment firm of some sorts.  The big kids were standing on the sidewalk by the investment firm reading a sign while I was helping my “yittle guy” put his sneakers on.   Then my 9 year old asked, “What’s a 401K?”  Me:  Oh, it’s something for retired people.  My 9 year old, “ No way… there is NO WAY 60 year old people could run a 401 K… that’s way too many miles for a 60 year old.”

hahahaha…. so much of this made me laugh… of course he’s heard of 5K and 10K races so why wouldn’t he think a 401 K was a race…. also the fact that he thinks you retire at 60.   Oh, I got such a good laugh out of this… as I then did my best to explain about saving for retirement.  

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  1. Yes - we all enjoyed a good laugh imagining us running that race!!! Some days it feels like that - a long race until we will reach retirement.


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