Daddy’s Partner


All of my kids have enjoyed pushing the pretend mower along side their Daddy, but I do believe none of them have enjoyed it as much as our youngest.  The look of absolute GLEE on his face when he hears Daddy say it’s time for him to go cut the grass is absolutely priceless.  IMG_5687

He even willingly will choose to stay behind with Dad to cut grass and meet the rest of us at the pool MISSING SOME SWIM TIME rather than miss the chance to cut the grass with his Dad.  And this kid LOVES the pool.


The other week he cracked me up.  The day after he helped Daddy cut the grass, he walked in the backyard and said, “Look at this grass.  Didn’t I do a good job cutting the grass Mom?”


  1. Way to be a big helper for Daddy

  2. I love that this is like the third Circus kid I have read a post about who so enjoys cutting grass with dad. See? Passion. Runs in the family.


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