Gym Fun


We had a fun weekend at the circus… Friday night swim, Saturday included a trip to the mall to spend birthday money and allowances, Father/Son set up for cub scout day camp week ahead, afternoon at the gym for the girls Open House… and Sunday was filled with a great morning of worship, friends over for the afternoon, and my 7 year old got to perform with her gymnastics friends at the opening of the Baysox game!  FUN-FUN-FUN! 

It was really neat to see the girls perform together.  This Momma’s heart swelled up with pride as I watched them stretch side by side in their matching leos.  This year is the first year with them both on team and they have really enjoyed going to practice together. 


One fun part of the Open House is that in addition to seeing the girls do a little performance, everyone gets a chance to try out the gym equipment.  Our three year old was SO excited that he got to go in the gym too.  He asked his sister if he could wear her “leo” but she kindly explained it wouldn’t fit him… we then pretended his Spiderman shirt was his leo.  It took him a little while to warm up to it all, but he had a blast running down the tumble track, hanging on the bar and jumping in the pit just like his sisters.  Afterwards he said to me, “So Monday are you gonna drop me off for practice with the girls?” 


Sunday my 7 year old got to perform a demonstration at the beginning of the Baysox Baseball game.  (local minor league baseball team).  IMG_5791


It was fun to see the girls doing their handstands and back hand springs up on the Jump Tron.  IMG_5812

Then we stayed and watched the game with some of her gym friends.  Then at the end she got to run the bases!


What a fun weekend!


  1. So HAPPY for you all.

  2. So Cool. What a great weekend. Love the pictures too (as usual). What a bust crew

  3. I love how much your girls love gymnastics. I totally relate to how you feel watching them excel at something they are so passionate about. Your kiddos exude passion. I love that about the Circus fam.

    Nominated you for a fun little blog award. Jump over to my place for the details!


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