Old Age


A strange thing has happened to me in my ripe, “old” age.  Since turning thirty I have discovered my taste buds are changing quite a bit. 

For years I have loved the smell of coffee.  And while I do enjoy a cappuccino or especially a good frappuchino, an actual cup of coffee was too strong for my liking.  However, I enjoyed the smell so much, I once begged my husband to drink it in the morning, just so we could fill our home with its rich aroma.  He denied my request to become addicted to caffeine for no reason other than to please his wife’s olfactory nerves.

But recently, I have noticed that I have acquired a newfound liking to the cup of joe (with cream and sugar mind you).  I bought a bag of coffee beans this week and hope to figure out how to use our coffee maker so I can start my day with the sweet smell of hazelnut coffee brewing in our kitchen.  Funny, how I made it through 4 years of college, 3 years of teaching, and 3 newborn babies without it, but within weeks of hitting the big 3-0 I’ve turned to the dark side. 

More startling than my appreciation for coffee, is my recent discovery of a diet soft drink that I have found acceptable to the palate.  I am a coke snob.  And I wouldn’t touch diet soda if it was the last soda on earth.  But last week I went to visit Scott at work and asked him to bring me out a soda.  All they had was a diet coke with lime and a cherry coke zero.  I wrinkled my nose in disgust.  No way was I touching the diet coke, but I left the cherry coke zero sitting on the picnic table.  (see I told you I was a snob).  I thought about it.  My mouth was dry and so I figured, what the heck.  I closed my eyes and took a sip, much like I was attempting to get down cough medicine.  It wasn’t bad.  I drank some more.  Hmmm… can’t really tell much of a difference.  I must confess it took me several more sips before I was willing to admit to Scott that it didn’t taste different to me than regular cherry coke.   He was in shock!  I have to confess I haven’t tried one since, b/c we still have regulars in our pantry.  But, the next time I need to buy more coke, I intend to purchase a case of cherry coke zero. 

I’ve been thirty for 2 weeks now and I’ve added diet soda and coffee to my grocery list… what’s next?


  1. You all really do need to understand the breakthrough this is. This is the girl who, when a waitress says, "no, but we have pepsi" replies, "oh, then I'll just have water. There are a few rule of the road and one is quite simple. Don't mess with Crystal's coke. If this holds up I am going to truck her down to the police station and have her fingerprinted just to make sure she is not an impostor.

  2. I used to be the same way about coffee! Even when I was little, I loved the smell, but it took a while for me to get used to drinking it. Now I LOVE it (regular or decaf, it doesn't matter). Welcome to the coffee world! :)

  3. LOL!! My mom loves the coke zero too! I'll have to try the cherry flavor! That sounds good!!

  4. I knew we were kindred spririts...while I'm not a coffee drinker and don't foresee myself becoming one, I am a total Coke Snob. And Circus Dad, I do the same thing at restaurants and I won't pretend it doesn't sound like a spoiled brat who has just been denied a treat when all they have is Pepsi.

    Yep, I go for the water.

    Because I'm also a tea snob. I love iced tea...however, I have very strict criteria for an acceptable iced tea and most "fresh brewed" from restaurants and all Lipton's, Snapples, and Nestea's need not apply.

    However, I love Diet Coke over ice. I miss Diet Coke when I'm pregnant and nursing. Do you know if this Coke Zero has artificial sweeteners or not? Hmnn..

    Well, you enjoy those Cherry Cokes!

  5. i love love love the smell of coffee, too. but the taste, oh boy. i'm not sure i'm there yet. maybe or maybe not!

  6. I love Cherry Coke Zero, as diet drinks go, its the only palatable one I know, and welcome to the coffee world. Though you might want to ask Julie Binnie about you coffee heritage. (or me I suppose)

  7. welcome to the dark side! i think you'll find that you like it here. i too tried coke zero over the weekend, the plain kind though. it definitely still tasted like diet, but much better than regular diet. i'll have to give the cherry a try! p.s. - on an unrelated note, i have a black toenail. any advice?

  8. Coffee? Seriously? Just one more obstacle in the way of getting out the door in the morning! Don't drink the coffee cool-aid, "just say no!"

  9. I too love the smell of coffee but just can't get it past my lips :-( I especially loved the aroma when I worked night shift at the hospital - and we put the pot on to brew at 6am - and we KNEW the next shift was coming to take over - and we could go home to bed :-)

  10. I'm playing catch up on your blog...
    I am very much like you in terms of coffee, I've even thought about doing a post on it! Hazelnut creamer...(fat free even) is what turned me into a coffee lover! Give it a try!

    Also, I'm a diet coke snob. I will go for water as well if diet Pepsi is served (but I prefer regular Pepis to regular coke, go figure...I have a theory on that though.)


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