Yet Another Reason Why I Won’t Be Teaching The Kids to Drive


I seriously stink at parking.  (Not parallel parking.  I’ve got a secret for that.  I never do it.  Ever.  Yes, I will walk twice as far when parking downtown to avoid parallel parking on the street).  

But, my struggle is with the ol’ pull in parking lots.  More specifically, backing out of said spots.  I’ve been known to wait around in my car for the car beside me or in front of me to leave so I can get out of my spot b/c I parked too close to the line and can’t get out without damaging one of our cars.  And I’ve gone back into the house of a friend to get someone to come help me back out when I leave a party or gathering before most of the people and I don’t know how I’ll squeeze out the driveway.

And no these events didn’t take place back when I first got my license… they’ve taken place during my married life… even my married with kids life.

But tonight was a new low.

I walked home from soccer practice.  (with the keys to my husbands car in my hand). 

It was supposed to be so easy.  Scott met the kids and I at practice.  When practice was over, I suggested he take the kids home in the van so I could stop by to grab something for dinner on the way back to the house.

But when I went to his parking spot I found a bit of a tight squeeze.  Big old truck parked right by the line of my parking spot on my left.  Wooden posts on my right.  And a minivan behind me.

I slowly inched back…turned the wheel.

Nope to close to that truck, I’m going to hit it.

Pull back in… this time trying to stay close to the right side.  Try again.  Looks like I’ll make it.  But nope, too close to the van.  Can’t do it. 

Pull in again.  Try calling Scott.

No answer.

Try again.

No answer.

Back out again…. going good… slowly, slowly, turn the wheel….no I can’t.

And so, I walk home.  (Luckily it isn’t a far walk at all, it’s just too far for 3  slightly distractible and all too often painfully slow kids to walk there quickly and have any hope of making it to practice on time). 

I get home and tell Scott that his car is still at the elementary school and ummm we gotta go back and get it.

So, at 7:15, we put the kids back in the car (even though we haven’t eaten dinner yet) and drive back to the school (why Mommy?)  to get the van.

Scott doesn’t say a word.  Not one word.  Till we get to the car (in the now vacant lot), when as I hop out he says,

‘This time I’ll wait for you.”


  1. you are SO not alone. That is so funny! i would have done the same thing. whenever i park at work, apparently, i don't know where the front of my van is because i am always like 3 feet from the wall of the ramp.

  2. I am a terrible parker, too. My problem is getting into the parking spaces straight. I can never do it, especially the ones that we park in at our apartment here. It doesn't help that German parking spaces are teeny tiny, just like their cars. But I don't drive a tiny German car. We have a big 'ole minivan. My neighbor even commented to my husband one that that his wife needs to learn to park.

  3. Oh my! I could have written this post myself! I can't back out of a parking spot to save my life!

  4. I'm the same way. My husband has learned to wait for me, too. Love the comment about rather walking...made me laugh out loud!

  5. LOL!! LOL!!!
    You are so blessed with such a patient loving hubby :-)

  6. ...and this is one of the reasons i love you. :)

  7. I wait until large trucks and vans move b/c I can't see any other vehicles that might be speeding, and I do mean speeding, through the parking lot! I drive a chance I can see what's flying through the lot!

  8. Living in the city cured any fears I had about parallel parking. At least you got some blogging material from this situation!


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