Don't Cry Over....

....Flushed Poop.....

Yes, you read that correctly and if bathroom talk/humor is not your thing, then I suggest you skip this post.

The following incident actually occurred in my house today. Sometimes I wonder, "What will I write about in my blog today?" Or I worry if I will have enough stuff to write about to keep blogging far into the future... then things like this occur, and I think, "Well, that's today's post!"

After going potty this afternoon, my son excitedly called me into the bathroom.

"Look Mom, my poop looks like Mickey Mouse!"

(It actually did, big ball with two little balls on top..)

"That's cool honey," I replied, then I wiped his butt and did the unthinkable....

I flushed the toilet. (What WAS I thinking, this was a work of art here!)

The tears came, "Mommy, you flushed the toilet!"


"I wanted to show Daddy!" (clearly poop like this NEEDS to be shared with the world)

I instantly got down on his level, looked him in the eye and apologized. I didn't realize he hadn't shown Daddy yet. (Who would've thought that one day I would be asking forgiveness for flushing poop down the toilet?)

Daddy came in the room then and was quickly filled in on the situation. His response, "Don't worry bud, maybe you'll make mickey mouse poop another time and I can see it then." (We encourage our children to truly strive for the best in life, push them to the highest levels...) It was all I could do not to laugh out loud right then.

I don't know if poop like this comes around twice, but if it does I will be sure NOT to flush before everyone in the house sees it first!


  1. Perhaps you can keep a digital camera handy? Not only can you share the visual impact with the rest of the family but also use a li'l PhotoShop magic to enhance the Mickey connection :)

  2. um...... i'm speechless.

  3. Crystal, this is one time when I can imagine the entire story as it played out. Love your family.

    dearest boqpod,
    I'd like to think that only you would think of something like that, but I . . . .

  4. I am so very disappointed that our photo loving mama did not take a picture of this to share with us!!!!! ;)
    And you call yourself a scrapbooker... shame on you!!! His big moment and you flushed! How about a drawing, anything???? LOL


  5. At first - all I can do is laugh. But, I too, am surprised that you didn't snap a quick photo!!!! Next time, I am sure :-)

  6. We have a character-shaped poop too.

  7. We have alligator's and snakes at our house but never a cartoon character LOL! Thanks for sharing your potty humor for the day!

  8. if a member of your family goes to the bathroom and then calls the rest of your clan in to see what he has might be a redneck! :-)

    redneck--micky mouse style. hey--next time snap a pic and send it to disney--maybe they'll comp you a ticket to the park! :-)
    great story!

  9. oh my gosh! I am soooo cracking up over here! I did exactly what your son did I had to call my boys to show them the poop LOL Thank you for the great laugh! Take care- FYI will be faving you!


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