The Answer My Friend is Blowing in the Wind

This morning when my kids were eating breakfast my son asked, "Mom, what happened to your flower?" I looked on the deck and it was gone. I asked my hubby if he moved it and he said," No, but last night when I was sitting out at the dining room table, I did hear a crash outside when the wind blew." My kids went out to investigate this morning and it seems my poor flower decided to take her life with a fateful jump off of our deck, rather than to continue to suffer under my care. The answer to my husband's question on Wednesday night when we brought home our hyacinth is........5 days.


  1. hahahaha - that's hilarious! You know, my plants and your plants could be really good friends....or they could at least really sympathize with one another. :)

  2. that made me laugh out loud, and not in the cheesy, lol way... like for real, laugh out loud!

  3. I laughed so hard!! I love this one!!! I guess you did NOT inherit your great-grandmother's green thumb. I am so sorry that the flower jumped (but you could plant the bulb and see what happens next spring.


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