Step Right Up!

That's right folks, the show is about to begin.... Welcome to the new and improved location of my blog. I certainly hope that you will stay awhile, get to know us a bit, and come back often to share in my Life at the Circus!! For new and curious readers you can scroll down and catch up on previous posts or find out the inspiration behind my title. Grab some cotton candy, pop some popcorn and enjoy the show!


  1. Love the new lay out and blog name. Some day I will spiffy my blog up a bit, but for now it provides the photo show our family enjoys. Here is another quote for you, "some people's floors are so clean you could eat off them; ours looks like we just did."

  2. How fun that you have a new site. I'll have to change my link so I don't keep going to the old one! Are you enjoying A Voice in the Wind (I saw it on your reading list). I love that series!

  3. I am struggling with A Voice in the Wind. I have read other books by her and loved them and have heard such good things, but I can't get through all the battles. Chapter 1 was ok, but chapter 2 and 3 were painful for me, it felt like homework and I have been totally neglecting it. I am about ready to give up (but this is my second attempt at reading it) Does it get less Braveheart like?


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