Most Congenial??????

We are THAT family is hosting a blog carnival which lets us share some flashback pictures and anecdotes. I thought I would use this as an excuse to pull one of my countless unphotogenic pictures from the archives. Maybe they can finally be put to good use.

My husband and I are high school sweethearts. We went to a small Christian school with only 44 students in our graduating class. Because our last names were on opposite ends of the alphabet we never had home room together. Because he took all the smart "math" classes and I took all the "smart" English classes, we never had a class together. Ironically enough we were both named Most Congenial in our Senior Class but the two of us had only had two conversations up to that point of high school.... prior to having our photo taken for the year book.

Since I was editor of the yearbook, I was making sure that no unphotogenic pictures of me appeared in that years edition. Those of you that know me well, know that is no small feat. This was back before digital photography so we had weeks between "photo shoots." We had to have our Most Congenial Shot retaken 4 times for the yearbook.

In the first picture my eyes were closed. No problem, retake the picture.

This time we thought we'd go for something cute, so he picked me up in his arms.

(slight problem here b/c I was wearing a dress and this picture was X rated)

This is the third picture. Cute huh, both smiling, all good... wait...

look closely at my hand, particularly my finger. OOPS!!! Can't post that in the yearbook!!! Not as Most Congenial!!!.

I was so embarrassed when I went to get Scott again from class to take another picture.

"I thought we already took that picture," he said. "three times..."

"Yea, there was a slight problem," I replied.

"Again?" He asked. (Keep in mind I had never let him see, or explained to him, my un-photogenic mistakes from before).

Finally, we got it right. And boy did we get it right..... 11 years later here we are happily married with TONS of would be great pictures IF ONLY my eyes were not closed.


  1. Oh, that's hilarious. I hate it when my hand 'accidentally' does that in photos! I'm sure he thought you just wanted more pictures with him. What a sweet story. Thanks for participating!

  2. I had never heard that story. Is there no end to the things God uses to work His will in our lives?
    Our God is an awesome God. --. That would make a great song. 8-) <

  3. Very sweet story and what a precious photo!

  4. Isn't it wonderful to have a photo of this fun memory!

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  5. That is so funny! I just had to delete a picture of my little boy last night because of a mishap like this. I took a picture right as he was snapping his fingers and it looked like he was shooting me a bird. :)

  6. Look at how young you two look! But remember how grown up you felt as a senior? Funny story.

  7. That is a funny and amazing story. What a photo! And what a memory....

  8. Too bad God hadn't created PhotoShop yet :-) I'd say it all turned out pretty well though. Maybe some 'mistakes' aren't!

  9. I am so thankful that the two of you were put together for God's great plan. All those retakes!!! What an excuse:-)
    Love you both!!


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