Better Than Time and a Half

I'm only one week into my blogging adventure and I already had to skip a day. Yesterday was one of THOSE days. Those of you with kids, know what I mean. It started Friday night when all 3 of my kids woke at various points throughout the night coughing, moaning and generally not feeling well (thankfully, no puking occurred). The "night" ended for good at 6:20 when I was up giving my son water, then my daughter a nebulizer treatment for her asthma and as soon as I finished, I heard the baby crying for me to nurse her! What a great start to the day!

Yesterday, was one of those days when I was especially thankful that I am not in this alone and that God gave me a supportive and helpful husband (Even though I had to wake him up to get his help b/c he could sleep through a train going through our house). Once I woke him, he quickly helped and it was one of those tag team days... Me off to the pediatrician with one child while he stayed home with the other 2, then he stayed home with a different two while I took the baby with me to run errands. By the end of the day, we were both exhausted and fearing how many times we would be up that night, we went to bed early and exhausted and thus no post.

It's hard to complain when you know your daughter is suffering though a double ear infection while struggling through her asthma for every breath (it sure seems she has the toughest go of things). I know she deserves a lot of slack on days like that but it doesn't make the constant whining any less exhausting to be around. The one thing I do love about my job though is that the greatest perks can come on the most draining days. While standing in the pharmacy waiting for our perscription to be filled my daughter gave me the warmest, longest and most refreshing hug. Later that evening, she paused from her fussyness and gave me an unprompted "I Love You". It's common to think that mothering doesn't pay well, but the truth is we get paid pretty well for what we do. :-)


  1. What every mommy needs to be reminded - your blessings come from the love of those you care for and most appreciated when you are exhausted. Hang in there!! The easier days are ahead.

  2. We are THAT FamilyMonday, April 07, 2008

    I hope everyone feels better soon. That's a pretty great attitude in the middle of 'it.' Happy thoughts don't usually return to me until I caught up on sleep!


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