Enjoying God's "I Love You" Picture


My son loves sunsets. He comes by it naturally as his father also enjoys looking at God's handiwork. One evening, several months ago, when we were looking out the window for Daddy to come home, he pointed out to me how pretty the sunset was. I told him that sunsets are like pictures that God draws for us to show us He loves us. I told him that just like he draws pictures for me and Daddy to show us he loves us, God makes the sunsets to show us that HE loves US (pretty amazing stuff)! I told him we should thank God for the sunsets. This began a tradition. Every time he sees the sunset he points it out and he or I prays to thank God for it.

One night a few weeks later Daddy was driving him to swim lessons and they saw a gorgeous sunset. Daddy relayed the following conversation to me when they got home. It went something like this.

"Look at the sunset!"

"Yea, it is pretty."


"Daddy, when I am in heaven, do you think Jesus will let me help make the sunsets?"

Pause while Daddy (who is a very technical person) started to explain to our 3 year old that God already set up the system for beautiful sunsets long ago....then he cut himself off.

"Yea son, I think He would."

"Good, because I love sunsets."

I love teaching our children about our awesome Creator God. I love enjoying His creation with them. I also love watching them enjoy His creation on their own. It's now several months later and tonight when my son looked out the window, he excitedly pointed out another beautiful sunset. "This one looks like a rainbow Mommy. I've never seen a sunset with so many colors."

Thank you God for caring for me and my family. We love you too.


  1. Thank you both for the wonderful parenting job you are doing with THE MOST IMPORTANT task - that of passing on the faith in our Lord and Savior. Thank you for sharing their steps along the way.
    God's works are awesome.

  2. you've relayed the story to me before, but somehow reading it again does something to my heart. i'm not exactly what to call it but it somehow involves tears and humility. i love you guys.


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