I got some jewelry this week

Nope, it's not my birthday... too late for Valentine's Day..... too early for Mother's Day. This was just an "I love you" gift. It was made of clear fishing line with little foam charms. My son was very proud to tell me that he had made it himself with a plastic needle.

When my son gave me this bracelet which he made, "because I love you Mom" my heart melted. I wore it all day. I wore it to the grocery store and while I made dinner. What can I say? I am a sap through and through. I guarantee if you looked at the bracelet you would see little worth to the foam charms and plastic chain. However when I look at it, I see the love behind the gift and it is truly priceless. I wear it with pride because my son made it for me as a token of his love to me.

How cool is it that our heavenly Father cares just as much about our love offerings to Him. They may be trivial in light of His resources but yet He stopped at nothing short of his Son to get us back. Unbelievable! We don't need to wait for Christmas, Easter, or Sunday morning to show our Father we love Him. We can do so today, right now, "because we love Him."


  1. You children have a great Mommy. You are all blessed.

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