Accidentally on Purpose

I started a policy at our house a few months ago which said, "Dessert only on Weekends." My son is a great policeman on this and will ask throughout the week, "Is it the weekend yet?" If I serve dessert during the week, he often calls me out on it, but always happily partakes. I must confess the last few weeks I have really gone lax on this policy... it was his birthday, or we had company over, or ummm we had leftovers..... Yesterday, the excuse was, "Mommy just craved chocolate." I wanted some chocolate. I know what you're thinking. I had a weak moment and opened a bag of Oreos. Nope. There were no Oreos in the house (remember, its wasn't the weekend). So, what is a girl to do? Turns out some sugar accidentally fell into the mixer. It's curious but if you add some oatmeal and a little choclate you're almost ready to eat some no bake cookies. The no bake part is important. How can someone go so far out of her way to break the very rule she created? Not me. I'm a woman of principal, I certainly didn't bake. Does that make it any different then opening a bag of Oreos?

So I got busted on this too. After dinner my son asked if he could have a cookie for desert. My husband, intending to support my policy, replied, "No, it isn't the weekend." I then had to confess... "Um I kinda made some cookies." BUSTED! I had no excuse, I didn't accidentally grab the butter, pour the oatmeal and mix up the cookies....


  1. i will always and forever love your use of the word BUSTED. i can even picture you saying it! haha. and, i think mid-week cookies can be forgiven, as long as you don't eat the majority. :) that's what three little kids are for, right? and a very forgiving husband.

  2. BUSTED twice. How come there are photos of the kids doing things but not the Mommy?
    We want pictures. 8-) We want pictures. 8-) We want pictures. 8-) We . . .


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