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Yesterday when we were out running errands my son told me,

"Mom, I am going to be really good at nap time today."

I was in the midst of trying to find the things on my mental list and push the cart with three kids on it, so I muttered something like, "good honey" and continued on. My son was so excited because after nap time we were going to plant flowers in our yard. Later that day when I was putting him down for his nap (with his new watering can in hand) I told him I expected him to stay quiet in his bed during nap time. He replied, "Mom, remember at Walmart I told you I would be good at nap time today?" "That's right, well good."

As I closed his door and walked down the hall I realized that since he can "decide" that he is going to be good at nap time and he recognizes that he has decided to be good, then the times that he isn't good and doesn't obey, it is just as deliberate. He just busted himself. Bummer for both of us because now I must discipline him when he isn't good at nap time. To ignore it would do more harm than good.

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  1. Your kids are hilarious! Does the wateringcan -and do all those other random toys - stay on the bed while he's sleeping, or do they get pushed to the floor? If they stay in, that's not only impressive, but also a very cool potential for waking up with award-winning sleep-lines pressed into his face when he wakes up :) ...would make for some great blog pictures ;)


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