All in a Row

Our middle child really likes to put things in order. Before she goes to bed at night she puts each of her stuffed animals in a straight row beside her pillow. I've noticed recently that she seems to gravitate towards put things things into straight lines. When she plays with blocks she puts them next to each other in a row, like a road, rather then stacking them one on top of the other.

(Note this occurrence in the professional picture we had taken of the three kids... the only way to keep them all sitting on the mat was to put blocks down for them to play with... she was quite captivated by her road forgetting all about the photographer!)

The other night we went to a pizza party for the families in my Mothers of PreSchoolers group. When we were done eating the adults were all talking and the kids were playing. We looked over and our little organizer had rearranged the chairs.

Later this week I noticed her rearranging the magnets on our refrigerator. Each time it is always in a straight line.... I am thinking we may have a type A personality on our hands here!!


  1. She is precise and orderly. Should be helpful in the years to come. Loved the pictures capturing the moments.

  2. We are THAT FamilyThursday, April 03, 2008

    Your kids are adorable and it looks like you have a future professional organizer. When she gets of age, I'll pass along my number. I could use the help!

    Secondly, your comment made me feel like a blogging Super Star. Seriously. I'm just a little mom out there in the big world and you made me feel very good about what I'm doing! I'm so glad you started your own. Watch out it's very addicting! Blessings.


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