The Importance of Laughter

My son's birthday is approaching and I asked him earlier this week who he wanted to invite to his party. After hearing the list of the usual people he said, "There is this girl in my Sunday School class that is my friend. She laughs at my jokes and thinks it's funny when I put a banana on my head. Can I invite her?" After further talk I figured out who he meant and added her to the invite list. My hubby and I thought his definition of a friend was rather comical... someone who laughs at his jokes.

A few days later this friend came up again and I asked him about another friend he has that is a boy. I wanted to know if he laughed at his jokes. I was trying to determine if laughing at your jokes was a criteria for friendship in his world. I learned that it was a criteria for friendship with a GIRL. Today we went to playgroup. He was so excited to see his buddies. But when the girl arrived both my son and his bud were following her around the entire time. I watched and observed as they chased each other and climbed things and went down slides, and rode swings... sure enough, she did laugh at his jokes. He even let her wear his goggles. The thing that made me happiest was that they all played so nicely together, taking turns pushing her in the swing. They are much to young to let a girl interfere with their friendship. I am so thankful for the innocence of youth. I hope some day WAY in the future, when my son grows and finds a girl to marry that he finds someone who will laugh at his jokes. :-)


  1. I hope so too but I hope that day is way way way in the future :-)
    - Dad

  2. He is growing up too fast! Hope the time goes by s-l-o-w-l-y until we have a girlfriend LOL
    Love, Grandma

  3. Me too!! He has to be at least 25 before he can have a girlfriend, right?


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