You Know You Have Preschoolers When...

, , 3 comments start spelling anything you don't want others to over hear.

Case in point...

Scott and I had parked the car in a crowded parking garage recently, and I knew better than to shout, "Hey Honey did you lock the car?"

So, without even thinking, I said, "Scott, don't forget to L-O-C-K the van!"

But, unlike the preschoolers at home who I am accustomed to spelling around if I don't want them to figure out what I am saying, MOST thieves can spell. 


  1. Now I'm wondering whether or not the theives who stole my mini van were National Spelling Bee champions. Maybe I should have told Derek to L-O-C-K the car the night before.

  2. um, i don't know. maybe thieves weren't good in school. i'd keep spelling things out just in case. :) you never can be too careful.

  3. hehe! I'm still asking my almost 12 year old if he went POTTY before getting in the car. How sad is that? The funny thing is that he doesn't even look at me funny anymore when I say the word potty to him.


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