this one was written just for me..


The circus crew and I went to run some errands this morning...Target and Michale's were ok... granted we did crack the sugar sprinkle container when the baby threw it on the floor, and my older daughter soon had the spilled sugar all over her face and hands after "sampling it"  but we only got a few looks when the kids were singing jingle bells as they hung off the side of the cart while I finished my shopping.

Hallmark wasn't even too bad, even though I somehow cut my knee when I bent down to getter a better look at the ornaments, I recall a piece of a broken ornament being on the floor, didn't realize I had knelt on that broken piece, but soon after I felt blood dripping down my leg.

The UPS store, however, was OVER THE TOP.... we had to go potty, we had a fist fight, a temper tantrum, a trip to the van for my cell phone to call my SIL to get her actual address and not her PO Box address... a pause mid conversation to settle another dispute....need I go on??

As we drove home to make lunch and quick get ready for naps, I recalled the Drabble comic I saw in the paper on Dec 7.  I laughed when I saw it then, 


So, this one's for me.... am I alone on this?


Drabble - December 7, 2008


  1. I love it!!! You are so not alone! What an adventure you had today!

  2. Hey Crystal! Thanks for stopping by my blog again, and sorry I have been so late in visiting. This post is hilarious! (in a glad it was you not me and it's over now kinda way). Hope you all get a much needed break.

  3. Did you try to make TOO many stops in one morning?!?! LOL
    Hope YOU did get a little nap this pm :-)

  4. Someone told us "The Three's are worse than the Two's". I thought they were talking about age not number :)

  5. LOL... This reminds me of my recent trek to Marshalls. I knew I was pushing it because Maya was exhausted when I took her out of the car. She proceeded to scream, howl, bend behind over the cart seat and almost flip out of the seat. (She was already flipping out mentally!) I had to get 2 birthday giftcards, otherwise, I wouldn't have made the stop. All eyes were on me as if I had a three headed space alien in my cart. It was the loudest and shortest shopping trip this year!

  6. i'm so glad i got to be part of your chaotic day! i'm sorry about your knee. somehow, in all of that, i felt bad for your knee the most. oh, how you love those hallmark ornaments!


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