Sometimes It's All in the Journey


We decided to take a spontaneous trip to DC this Saturday.  And by spontaneous, I really mean spontaneous.  When we left the house we were deciding between a trip to Hersheypark or the local train garden and drive through light display.  Basically, we were looking for a fun evening out enjoying some holiday cheer.  As we were driving, we got the idea of going into DC to see the National Christmas Tree.  And to top it off, we thought we'd take the metro in so the kids could "ride a train underground."

After our ride in, we grabbed dinner at the food court in the post office pavilion, but unfortunately at 6:00 on a Saturday, it was pretty much closed, so we paid way to much for what was basically microwaved hot dogs (though the kids ate every bite) and walked about 3 blocks to the White House. 

Things were off to a great start... fun ride on the metro, kids favorite food for dinner, walk in the city in freezing cold the time we got to the tree, the kids were too cold to really care.  Their response was, "Why doesn't it have candy canes?"  We took several pics of the tree, the white house and the cold kiddos, took a look at the model train display, which they truly loved, and headed back to the metro. 

The walk back to the metro was about twice as long.   You might think I am exaggerating and it just felt that long b/c our dear baby was screaming at the top of her longs the whole way and we were holding her, while pushing the big kids in the double stroller, in the freezing cold. 

But that wasn't the reason.

Somehow, we got onto the wrong street and we kept walking, and walking and walking before we realized that we hadn't come this way, and oh wait this isn't Pennsylvania Ave.   We asked directions from a nice man who steered us to the nearest metro, which we happily boarded.

The ride home was pure bliss.  My youngest sat on my lap playing with my necklace and my hair, while the older two sat with their Daddy and eagerly stared out the window.

As we walked to our van at our metro stop, we asked everyone what their favorite part was.  

The answer?

The Metro Ride

Funny thing is, I couldn't agree more.  So even though we took 192 pictures of our evening into the Nation's Capital to see the White House and the National Christmas tree, I leave you with this one picture, which pretty much sums up our favorite part of the evening.



  1. Love it! Merry Christmas spontaneous girl!

  2. So it was the - trip not the destination - that was the big hit. Sort of like the - wrapping paper instead of the gift. Don''t you just love the circus!
    Parenting is so much fun.!

  3. We went last Friday, super cold, but super fun! We did the zoo lights in DC as well.
    Whenever we've taken the train in to see the amazing museum's, we'd ask the kids their favorite part and it was always the train.

  4. Does this mean that for our next field trip, if it's cold out, I can just take the metro in and back without ever going above ground?

  5. I can relate! After a day in NYC their favorite parts were the various forms of transportation - the ferry, the bus and the train (AKA subway) ride!

  6. That's great!!! Spontaneity is so much fun!!

  7. what a fun trip! (except the walk back, of course) and, btw, it must be said that you look absolutely GORGEOUS in that picture. motherhood does you well!

    i'm glad the kiddos liked the metro. remember when we went to mammoth caves and your son liked the bus ride the best??


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