Candid Gems


Christmas provides you with many which capture the moment, in real life.  Nothing like posing in front of the tree to bring out the true personality of your child. 

Yes... this is def what I meant when I said , "Smile in front of the camera so Mom can have a picture of you in your nice church clothes." 


I love this pic... I am entitling it Christmas bliss... I love that it is not posed.. you can see all three kids enjoying their gifts... wrapping paper on the floor and a happy Daddy interacting with this kids.  True gem this photo is...


This one is called "Self Control" as you can tell the kids are all eager to dig into Nana's Christmas tree cinnamon rolls.

when can we eat it

Why is it so hard to get a good shot of the family??

family photo candid

And if that isn't hard enough we say, "ok kids now we're going to take another with Nana and Pop..." (Pop so graciously wears his grandson's engineer hat for his little granddaughter and still they don't sit still and smile).

cracks me up

OK because you've been sitting so good, let's try for another photo opp with Great Grandpa...


Yea... we def pushed our luck on that one.

Un-posed cuteness...I just want to eat her up!


Mom, are you blogging already?


Toddlers, they dive into life's goodness face first... I love it!

diggin in

I call this one her Angelina Jolie pose...doesn't she look like one tough chick?  She's got the baby up on her shoulder and the light saber hanging from her chest... she can take on the world!

angelina jolie

Sometimes the less than perfect candid's truly are my favorite and I know years later when I'm looking back on Christmas pics these treasures will be among my favorite. 

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  1. OK so why is the clarity of your pix so great! What's the secret?!
    Photo shop?
    New share cause I like allot!

    Cute pix!! (of course)

  2. I love the Christmas tree Cinnamon roll that's brilliant! I thought it was only had to get a good picture of my family because The Husband hates to get his picture taken and The Girl is a ham and can't just sit and be photographed.... maybe some day :-)

  3. Thanks! Your comment totally made our day because it put the exclamation point on one of our Christmas gifts. We have used a Cannon SLR since about July and have really liked the quality of the pictures. What we like even better is how responsive it is. You know with kids it is sometimes hard to catch just the right moment if there is a delay when you push the button. But it got even better this Christmas because my in-laws got us a fancy flash that sits on the top of the camera. The flash actually points at the ceiling instead of the person which makes the pictures crisp and natural looking. We love it. Our Christmas pictures were the first I've posted that use the new flash. :-

  4. Cool Christmas tree cinn. rolls! All the pics are great, I love candid shots too! And thanks for sharing the camera you have...mine has a slow response, as you can see me complain about it on my post.

  5. Great Christmas pictures! I especially like the one of your daughter with the lightsaber and unzipped jammies, too cute!

  6. i love them all. but i'm a biased aunt. :) you have such a fun family, and even though we couldn't be there with you guys, i feel like you've captured the essence for us perfectly!

  7. Your children are so adorable...they should be in movies.

    Oh my. Eat them up is right. Those girls of yours are heart melters.

    And your little boy is a cutie, too!!! Love all the pics!

  8. I love, love, love these pictures!!! Candid pictures are the best!! I'll take them over a picture perfect posed shot any day. Oh, and I totally agree with the others about the cinnamon rolls...YUMM!

  9. i'm finally getting around to commenting after "sharing Christmas" - but i have to say, I enjoy your site so much and your pictures are definitely adorable (and so is your family)!! i think i may have to invest in that fancy flash! i'm not such a lover of photos with flash, but i love the naturalness this flash brings to the photos. looks like a wonderful, beautiful Christmas you had! Happy New Year! :)

  10. Awesome pictures, Crystal!!!! (And I just realized that Sue is your MIL!!! How cool - I got to know her at the Women's Retreat!) I love the "Jolie" pix the best and the Daddy and kids unwrapping gifts... Ahhhhh Christmas...


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