More Christmas Bliss


After spending Christmas morning at our house with my wonderful in-laws and grandpa in law, we went to PA this weekend to celebrate with my parents and my brother's family.  I just had to share some more candid gems because they just warmed my heart and I feel my hubby did a great job of capturing the love and fun of our day together. 

We all had lunch together on Sunday and afterwards the youngest two of our crews took naps while everyone else enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of play.  We all went into my brother's old bed room which my two oldest have now deemed "their room" because that is where they always sleep at Grandma and Papa's and the kids had fun building forts and playing around. 

IMG_1783The kids had a blast hiding in their "fort" made out of an old exercise mat.  They'd go in and then pop open the door and flash a smile.  One of my favorite moments was when my son was playing with my oldest niece.  She started whispering to him but it wasn't easy to understand what exactly she was saying...the conversation we overhead on the outside of their fort went something likes this.

Niece:  bhiwlekg bui;dlk (in a cute sing song voice)

Son:  What's that cousin, I don't understand what you are saying?

Niece:  bajsdlgkjas bnjgas gabsk

Son:  "OH"  bahfsd ;laksdg bfjads

giggles  (followed by laughter from their parents as we overhead them)


After the youngest two woke from their naps, we exchanged presents.


I love these shots... everyone in on the action, looking at gifts, sucking their fingers... good times.



My parents got our kids each their very own sleeping bag and Scott and I got a new tent (because we have kinda outgrown our previous tent)  The kids were very eager to try out the new gear, so Scott sent the tent up in "the kids"room where we all got to go in and play and the kids got to camp out on the floor for two nights.  I gotta tell you it made me very eager to go camping... can't wait till summer!!


I LOVE this shot of my daughter with my brother.  I can't quite put into words the feeling I get watching my little brother interact with my kids but it touches my heart to see the love they have for each other. 


My son was so excited to bring his light saber so he could fight with his Uncle Jordan... he was grinning from ear to ear as they "fought" on the back deck...aka.. Planet Hoth.



I am truly thankful for the time spent with family over this past Christmas season. 


  1. We are truly blessed to have such a great "Daughter-in-Law/Love extended family." This Christmas could only have been made better had we all been able to be together.
    Love you all.

  2. Ah yes, good times. I will never forget when your son, after listening to a string of gibberish, said to my daughter, "I don't know what you mean!" That was HILARIOUS!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by your family!

  4. Somehow I missed the "Christmas in the Capital" post and so I must do a two-for-one comment now.

    1. I imagine the capital would look amazing at Christmas time...however, I'm thinking the Circus Family added some special charm and beauty to it!

    2. Christmas in Pa...great pics of your family! Are you still in Pa? It drives me bonkers knowing you might be a stone's throw away from me!!!!!

    BTW...our "similarities" ends with the camping bit. The only camping I do is at the Marriott or The Holiday Inn. I like me some turn down service and free HBO. And you know, a toilet.

  5. I totally understand what you mean when you talk about watching you brother and children interact. I love it too, I am so pleased that they are genuinely happy to see them and play with them. Though so far we have not had any lightsaber battles. I am a little envious of that.

  6. i can't wait until we're able to add some kids to the mix. it looks like total chaos and total fun. thanks so much for all the pictures!

  7. Looks like a good time! My boys LOVE my brother too. They can't get enough of playing with him, when he is not in college!


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