My how 12 years Has Changed Things a Bit


12 years ago Scott and I went on our first date.  We went to dinner and then strolled around the shops in downtown Annapolis for midnight Madness. 

I was so excited and nervous. 

This was my first REAL date.

And what could be more romantic than strolling through historic Annapolis listening to Christmas carols?

Even though we didn't hold hands, (That didn't come until February).  I was still on cloud nine. 

We topped the evening off with milkshakes at Chic-n-Ruth's diner. 

IMG_0471Who knew then that 12 years later we'd be back happily married with our three kids in tow? 

This year the city rescheduled the annual tree lighting ceremony for the night of Midnight Madness (due to a rainy day this past Sunday).  Scott called me this afternoon when he heard about it to see if I thought it might be something the kids would be interested in.  Hmmm, seeing Santa light the tree?  Yea... they were game!  

So, on a whim, we went downtown, did a little window shopping, watched a few musical groups perform and witnessed the lighting of the Christmas tree. 

It was a magical evening for everyone.  Scott and I thought it would be fun to grab some food at Chic-N-Ruth's to commemorate the "anniversary."  Malted mint chocolate chip shakes for everyone! 

As we sat around the table sipping our shakes and talking about the evening, I couldn't help but think how much had changed since that night 12 years ago.  12 years ago we didn't play peek-a-boo while waiting for our food to arrive...neither of us tried to lick the end IMG_0499of table, we didn't sword fight with the knives, or share our bread with the little boy from the table behind us.  12 years ago as we shared first date jitters, we had no idea that we were at the beginning of the rest of our life.  No idea that the cute boy from school who was so nice, so gentlemanly, and so incredibly kind would grow to not only like me, but love me, and pledge his love for me till death do we part.  We didn't hold hands this time either.  (not many hands available when your pushing a double stroller through crowded city sidewalks and carrying an active toddler).  But, he has my heart.  Forever and ever.


  1. How beautifl:-) Yes, I am afraid alot changes in 12 years! It is so sad - you are sounding so old already. I am not ready for that :-)

  2. I love this post! Memories are so neat!! I'm so glad that you got to experience it with your children. What a great way to celebrate your first date anniversary!!!

  3. Ahhh. Those WERE the days... But we wouldn't change things now, would we... It is so much more fulfilling to have the kids. I can't even remember what life was like without them around! I know it would be a lot more quiet. I hate it when it's too quiet. Give me noise!

  4. Soo cute! My hubby and I are expecting our 2nd and you mentioned a double stroller....we are in the market for one and I was wondering which one you guys have. Is there anything you like or don't like about it. We are pretty set on which one we want, but I always getting mommy opinions!

  5. This is such a sweet post, gave me goosebumps. The only part I stopped awwwing was when you mentioned one of you tried to lick the end of the table. That just got an, "ewwwww.."

    I admire you for your virtues as a young adult pre-marriage and for your virtues as a now married woman and mother. I don't even know you yet I see the wonderful Godly woman you are in the pages of your blog.

    You are the type I try to learn from and model after. Beautiful post.

  6. A very sweet, beautiful post.

    I want to tell you I love your blog. It's so wonderful to see young women who love and honor God and their husbands. I have teenagers - 2 boys and a girl - and I've started praying for their future spouses. My prayer is that my kids will find a wife/husband who loves God and puts him first so they can have a strong, healthy, fulfilling, loving marriage and family. With all the negative role models out there, it's so nice to "see" your family - the way God wants families to be.

    I'm not good at writing my thoughts so this probably isn't coming across right, but I just wanted to share my appreciation for your blog. It cheers me to read about young women like you!

  7. beautiful post- so wonderful that God has blessed you so much!

  8. such a sweet post crystal! i got all choked up reading it. it took me for a little stroll of my own down memory lane. love you guys!

  9. Well the one thing that hasn't changed is Chic N Ruth's! LOL How fun! :)

  10. Crystal that's such a sweet post! It reminds me of Christmas' past, present and future--Mike and my first date was out to see the Incredibles at the mall, followed by walking around downtown Annapolis at Thanksgiving time (not yet holding hands either : ) ) and just being all jittery and excited to be on a date together. And then our second date a couple nights later was several hours at City Dock Cafe and then freezing on a bench by the water, just talking and talking...I can imagine a few years from now re-enacting it all with a few kiddos in tow. So lovely!

  11. How romantic and now fun for your kids as well, with Santa and shakes! What more could a person ask for. Isn't it fun looking back at the first date and all the exciting moments you shared? I'm so glad you are blessed with a good husband and a good father.

    It's so nice to see couples who make it through the "better or worse" times. I really feel people divorce to early, not knowing what tomorrow might bring for them. "Fred" and I have had our share of stress here lately not being able to be very romantic since the baby's birth, but we realize it's just the part of our marriage we are in right now...and we would not trade it for anything!

  12. You go girl! Melting the hearts of your readers with milk shakes. Keep sharing your words of love and how God has changed your life and brought such joys in your life! Keep writing girl! What awesome posts these are!


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