Jesus' Birthday Party


Last night the kids helped me decorate a birthday cake for Jesus and after singing Him Happy Birthday, followed by a few favorite Christmas carols, we enjoyed cake and ice cream. 

Happy Birthday Jesus

Apparently, it is an unwritten rule in our house that when you eat Jesus' birthday cake, you don't need to use silverware. 

enjoying Jesus' birthday cakeforget the spoon, just lickseriously, forks are overrated in this house


  1. We had a Birthday Cake for Jesus this year, too! I made a red velvet cake and used it to kind of explain for our sin, white frosting for Christ's taking away our sin and making us "white as snow" and green for spiritual growth and eternal life. The girls love this tradition!!

  2. No silverware - its like a rule!

  3. Judi baked birthday muffins & sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.

    And I have to say that watching the Marines in boot camp sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus in Kubrick's movie, "Full Metal Jacket" years ago comes to mind when we did this. I was stained by that scene from the barracks of men in boxers & slippers singing it mechanically while the Sargeant walks among them keeping time with one fist. (That USMC sarge played by R. Lee Ermey hosts the History Channel's Mail Call). (Why do I write this stuff on a mom-centric blog???....sorry!)

    I enjoyed reading Monica's symbols of sin, making them "white as snow", etc. I'm gonna bring that up with Judi.

  4. Ooo! I used a peach Upside down cake because it was easy to make but I love the red velvet Idea. I think we will try it next year.

  5. We also had a birthday party for Jesus.... we had carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!

  6. What a fun tradition! Love the "no silverware needed" rule. Jesus birth is certainly a great reason to celebrate!


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