A Little Advent Music Anyone?



When I was pulling out Christmas decorations from the storage closet I came across a box of pictures...perfect for my weekly blast from the past post.  (I've got a few more set aside for the upcoming weeks).

If you notice, there is a Christmas tree in the background here.  Every week my family did an advent devotional on Sunday evenings.  We'd read a passage of Scripture, light the candle and sing some Christmas carols.   

Once I started to play the flute in fourth grade, I wanted to accompany the family in our advent singing. 

And my incredibly gracious and loving family obliged me.

Those of you who have had the pleasure of listening to beginners band can get a picture.  

So they sang along slowly as I accompanied them.   In high school I started playing the flugal horn and again asked my family if I could play along with them.  And again they patiently put up with my pitiful accompaniment.   Cute when I was 9, but in ninth grade....hmm...

I look back on the days with fond memories.  My family wasn't the Von Trapp Family by any stretch.  But still we sang out praises to our Lord and made memories to cherish for years to come.  I hope my kids can say the same of their growing up years.

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  1. How darling! You look so sweet playing that flute. My kids never wanted to play their band instruments for us.

  2. Looks like you were ready to go with the music stand and all. I used to plunk away at the piano- haltingly as my family attempted to sing along. They sang much better than I could play!

  3. So cute, I can almost hear the little tune being played s-l-o-w-ly...

  4. But could you play Hangin Tough on it?

  5. I only wish my family had been that patient. I played the trumpet for a few years... and I distinctly remember overhearing my momma describe it as "the lowing of a dying cow."

  6. That is really cool. My brother and mum were the musical people in our family. I just sang....it was safe!

  7. Cute photo!! who is strumming the guitar in the background?

  8. I played the flute too. But I was much older. Very cute photo.

  9. I wondered if anyone would notice the guitar player in the background....it was my Dad, jamming with me. But, he doesn't play the guitar. At All. It was my little brother's Christmas gift.

  10. You looked so cute. I played (tried to play) the flute too!

  11. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.......and I do.

    My sister played the flute....I was the clarinet girl.

  12. Well I've always thought musical families were the best!

    Very sweet pix!

    Thank U for stopping by today and sharing about having baby fever..and by the looks of your pix you've had it a few more times than me lol!


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