We're Going Head to Head


**Update:  This round of playoffs takes two weeks.  So the winner is decided by totaling the points scored both weeks, and whoever scored the most points goes on to the championship round.  Looks like a close one...Scott scored 80 and I had 76.  There is def still time for me to pull out a victory!!**


There are 10 teams on our fantasy football league this year.  Four teams make it to play offs. 

This week is round one of the play offs.

Scott and I are going head to head.

I am excited that out of all the people in our league,  both of us made it into the playoffs.  I am not excited about playing my hubby.  It's not fun to win at your best friend's expense.  I was hoping it would work out that we didn't have to face each other until the last round of the play offs (the championship game).  Then there would have been the consolation that at least one of us won.  Now, one of us doesn't get to go on.  

We've play each other twice before this season.  I won once, he won once.  I have a better record than he does.  He has scored more points this season than I have. 

Today he is forecasted to win, and I am the underdog by 15 points! 

The winner of the playoffs gets a NFL jersey of their choice.  Since I got my choice jersey last year for Christmas, I offered to get Scott a jersey if I won.

He liked that idea until he realized he'd have to tell people that he got his jersey when his wife beat him in fantasy football. 

A lot's at stake today... pride is on the line!

Root for the underdog!!



  1. Why does he have to say more that "My wife got it for me 8-)"
    That sounds much better, to me, than "I beat my wife for it."
    Love to both.

  2. You might be the coolest girl I know...

  3. Oh my, you two seriously crack me up! Best of luck to you!

  4. Either way - you are winners?!?!?! I am guessing a Steeler jersey?!?!?

  5. i very begrudgingly hope that you will whoop scott! if couldn't be in the race then my girl better deliver! oh! and I HATE THE RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the way, the steelers had an AWESOME game yesterday!


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