Go NAVY beat Army


My father in law graduated from the Naval Academy, so I became a Navy fan by marriage.  And the biggest game of the year for them is the Army/Navy game.

Knowing this, you might better appreciate the conversation I had with my son yesterday...


Mom:  Tomorrow is the Army/Navy football game

Son:  Army doesn't play football, they fight bad guys

Hmmm see he's seen Navy football games with his Dad and Pop, and all he knows about the Army is that his Uncle Jim and our cousin Joel are in the Army and they fight bad guys...better clear up this misconception before he goes around saying Navy plays football and Army fights bad guys...

Mom: Well, these are Army guys that are in college learning how to fight bad guys and they play football too.




  1. Oh, no! We're Army fans here!!! But, I just turned the game on and it isn't looking good at all for Army.

  2. I bet that cleared it right up... Now I think I'm confused. Kidding! Very funny! Kids are SO fun.

  3. Your little girls are so cute. Love the ponytails...can't wait to be able to do that. Such a cute pic of daddy and his football lovin girls.

  4. The restaurant where we had b-fast this am was playing the Army/Navy game. Also, there were table-loads of service-men coming into town for National Guard duty. Recognizing a handful of Army guys, Judi sprang from our table like some sort of drill instructor, I overheard her thanking the soldiers for serving followed quickly by telling them "But I'm rooting for Navy today".

    One of the Army guys said, "Yeah, me too (they're a great team)"

    I was disappointed Judi didn't say, "What?! YOU INFIDEL YOU!! DROP AND GIVE ME 20, SOLDIER!". Or something like that :)

  5. What super cute cheeleaders!!!

  6. Well, it's pretty obvious Navy benefited from they're cutest fans! Way to go, Team! Nice to know that Navy ranks at least close to the Steelers in the hearts of your little ladies :)

  7. Yep, you all got your game faces on alright! Even the baby! Good luck!

  8. haha! i'm getting to this post late, so i know how the game ends. jim, though, will be glad for the "Navy plays football and Army fights bad guys" sentiment. he couldn't agree more!


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