Through the Eyes of a Child


IMG_1284 After dressing the children in their finest, and forcing them to pose for pictures in front of the tree, we went to church this evening for the Christmas Eve services.

When one of our pastors got up to read Scripture, he said he would be reading from John 1.  My son leaned over to me and said, "Mom, I thought the story was in Luke 2."  This was probably one of my favorite quotes from the evening.

We took our son to the candle light service, while the girls were in the nursery.  This was the first time our son had ever attended a candle light service.

Watching the candle light service through the eyes of a four year old boy was quite amusing.  We had the following whispered  conversations during the church service.

Son: "When are we going to light the candles?"

Me:  At the end.

Son: Do they say abracadabra?

Me:  No, you'll see

a few minutes later

Son: So will the whole church be lit up on fire?

Me: not exactly....

Thankfully, we made it through Silent Night, without setting the church ablaze.


Here are some of my favorite pics from our pre church photo session.

IMG_1330 IMG_1307


  1. Your son must have learned that expression from his Uncle Jim. It made me laugh out loud.
    Your girls are so cute in their Christmas finest.
    I love my family.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus

  2. How super cute!!!! Sounds like everyone had a blessed Christmas. Love you all

  3. What super cute pictures! Both the ones in the previous post and these. It is clear that you have a happy, happy home.


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